How to cook sausages in the pan and how long to keep them in boiling water

It is difficult to find a more simple and versatile prefabricated meat than sausage. They are easy to prepare, they are perfect as a lunch snack, and dishes on the holiday table if you have unusual and complex sauce of garnish. However, many do not know how to cook sausages so they are not lost appetizing appearance, tight structure. Because meat products are prefabricated, the time for production must be precisely defined, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy tasty, fragrant dish.

How to cook sausages in time

Many people prefer not to cook, eat them raw, because the taste they resemble cooked sausage. However, to do so is dangerous, because in the cooking of semi-finished product are removed pathogenic bacteria that multiply in food under improper storage conditions. How many minutes is required to cook sausages? To cook sausages, enough for 2-10 minutes (depending on the size, quantity). And to start the preparation of any kind, including sausages, should be in boiling water: the countdown starts after boiling the liquid.

In a saucepan

  1. Dial in a saucepan with water just enough to cover meat products.
  2. Turn the burner on at its highest level, boil the water.
  3. Place in boiling water the right amount of pieces, whether Bavarian, milk or other varieties. Cook them in the foil or without – you decide. If the shell is natural, you can leave it, but artificial film better off. If you decide not to clean up, pierce them with a fork in several places so that when cooked semi-finished products do not burst.
  4. After 4-6 minutes, remove the container from the heat, drain the water. Serve with mashed potato, pasta or vegetable stew.

In slow cooker

  1. Before you boil the sausages for hot dogs, release them from the film.
  2. Filling the device with water, add the desired number of semi-finished products (number of sandwiches).
  3. Enable «Quenching» or «Baking» for 4-5 minutes. This method is the easiest and is suitable for busy or tired from working Housewives.
  4. Upon completion of cooking, remove cooked meat products from multivarki and cook the hot dogs.

In a double boiler

If you’re not sure how best to cook the sausages, use a steamer, because this way the product will retain maximum amount of useful nutrients.

  1. Clean meats from the shell.
  2. Grease a bowl with sunflower or melted butter.
  3. Set the pot on a double boiler, pre-filled with water.
  4. Turn on the device for 8-10 minutes, wait for the signal of completion of work, after serve with fresh vegetables and any side dish to your taste. The caloric content of the finished product is 260-330 calories per 100 grams of product.

How to cook frozen sausages

  1. Place frozen foods in a bowl with cold water, without removing the film.
  2. When they thawed, pierce a small knife or fork to avoid any deformation during cooking.
  3. Boil the water, after add prepared meat products.
  4. To finish any grade, will last 6-8 minutes. After you should get them to pour cold water.
  5. Remove the shell, serve on the table.

The recipes sausages

These sausages are made of pork, beef, chicken, Turkey, soybeans. Different sorts of product have excellent color and size. The most common additives to cooked product are potatoes, pasta, and fresh steamed vegetables. The meat dish is suitable for almost all types of sauces. Prepare them in different ways, because they don’t taste any heat treatment. Looking at the video, you will learn how to cook sausages.

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