Tulips bead: how to make flowers on circuits and MK for beginners

Bead weaving is lots of fun, able to lure both adult and child. Crafts you can give for a holiday, for example, birthday or March 8. In the latter case, perfect tulips bead, because these flowers are a symbol of spring and International women’s day. How to build such a unique gift? Use the instructions below and sit back to start to create.

How to make flowers from beads with their hands

To weave the colors of the beads will not be difficult even for a beginner, especially if you do all the instructions. Although the lesson still requires patience and perseverance, and few materials to create this hack will not work. Here’s what you’ll need for weaving beaded tulips:

  1. Hard and thin wire, and it is better if it is color. Recommended diameter of 0.3 mm.
  2. A thicker wire that will go to the base of the petals, center and leaves. Better if its diameter be in the range of from 0.8 to 1.0 mm.
  3. Red or other colored beads. Can take, for example, 2 different shades – lighter and darker.
  4. Small green beads or cutting.
  5. Bugles and beads of yellow and black tones, of which will need to weave the middle part, i.e. the stamens with the pistils.
  6. Stick or hard wire with a diameter of 2 mm, to make the stem.
  7. Glue and green thread for stem winding the future.

How to make a Tulip

To assemble a spring bouquet of tulips, it is necessary to weave the first one. Technique of flower is as follows:

  1. Take 2 pieces of thin wire – they will need to weave between them. Length should be 15-20 and 40-45 cm
  2. For a short part of the slide 5 first light then 6 dark beads.
  3. To cut longer nanizhite 4 beads light shade, and the 9 dark.
  4. Fold the short part, twist it around the long, again nanizhite beads, as indicated in paragraph 2.
  5. Repeat stringing the bead until each side from the centre will be in 6 rows. The number of bright beads do not change – they should be 5, and add dark so that you can easily go around the previous row and twist a short piece on long.
  6. Do under the scheme of 3 petal – they will be internal.
  7. For external take the dark beads. Grasp the wire, then twist it as in point 1.
  8. For a short part nanizhite 12 beads, continue to weave, increasing the number of parallel rows on each side should be 4.
  9. Take the 20 cm wire is thicker, nanizhite 1 bead, then 2 beads of black color.
  10. The second end of the insert through the bugles, tighten – it’s the stamen, they need 6 pieces.
  11. Make 3 pestle technique to perform stamens, only use yellow and 3 beads instead of one.
  12. One pistil to connect the stamen 3, connect all the other parts of the midway.
  13. Do the leaves – take 2 pieces of different length of the wire is thicker. Twist them together.
  14. String the beads so that the length of a number was about 4 cm. Do the Central row and one on both sides.
  15. In subsequent netting use as many beads so that the number did not reach the top about 4-5 pieces.
  16. Each row with fewer beads slide between the 2 previous series that long, then twist.
  17. Make 3 of these prongs on each side.
  18. Collect the flower – to-heart attach the inner petals and then the outer.
  19. Take a stick or a thick wire, wrap it with green threads, attach the leaf, then finish the winding to the end of the stem, secure the edge with glue.

How to make a bouquet

To make a bouquet of flowers from beads, to weave several small or large tulips on the same technique. If they are not flowering, for such a simple option, enough even 2 petals. For registration you will need a beautiful vase or pot, which also can be woven. To capture the flowers inside will help the glue or plasticine. In addition, the tulips look good in the picture. This would require a thick base and frame. Attach will help hot glue, and splicing stems together can be a beautiful bow.

Flowers in pots

To take pot any color according to your taste. Step-by-step technique of the following:

  1. Please wire all the beads.
  2. Take 8 aluminum wire length of 25-30 cm.
  3. Wrap each part of the frame floral tape or thread.
  4. Evenly arrange the pieces in a circle, connecting all of them in the center.
  5. To the center attach the end of the wire with beads and begins to weave, spending it alternately on the top and bottom of the frame, and gradually adding to the number of beads in each sector.
  6. When the bottom will be the desired size, bend the axis of the frame up. Continue to weave, and the top can make the stripe a different color, for example, gold.
  7. The ends of the axles cut and fold inside. The pot is ready to place in him our tulips.

Scheme weaving beaded crafts

Manufacturing tulips have not such a complex process, but there are other plants which take much more time and effort, e.g., daisies, chrysanthemums or even roses. Bracelets, necklaces, toys, trinkets and even small boxes are easy to build if you have access to a diagram and description of the action, and these crafts are very popular, and made with his own hands is valued more. To enjoy this activity and children, because they will be able to learn how to weave the baby tiger, hedgehog or elephant. Beading is an easy way to spend useful time, especially with my family.

Photo of beautiful tulips beaded

Video: master-class on beading for beginners flowers

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