What to do when you burn a child?

Children to happen different situations, including the troubles, and they need to be ready. This also applies to burns. If the child is severely affected and the area of injury is large, it is necessary to consult specialists for qualified help.

Что делать при ожоге ребенка?

What to do for mild burns?

The first step is to cool the injury – cold water, packages of frozen foods, ice. The trauma of a terrible burn that continues to grow and develop even after the skin has ceased to contact with a hot object. This is due to the properties of the skin: it quickly accumulates heat but has to get rid of it. That’s why cooling is required.

The cooling time depends on the senses of the child – if the cold is removed, and the sense of heat and pain returns, the procedure is repeated until then, until the discomfort disappears. Need to be prepared for the fact that the procedure can take several hours.

If the burn occurred from a hot oil, oily broth – oil cover with injury should wash off. It is most convenient to start up a jet of water through the greasy hands of an adult.

To the burn, you can apply for easy dressing. In a glass of warm water to dissolve 2-4 tablets furatsilina, cool. Wet the bandage in the solution, wring out and impose on the injury, capturing and healthy skin. To secure the bandage. Furatsilin lowers the temperature.

If, after all procedures, provided the pain does not go away or burn larger than the palm of a child, it is recommended to consult a specialist.


Absolutely contraindicated old wives methods for the treatment of burned victims. Can obscure injuries of different oils. Fats inhibit heat transfer, thereby exacerbating the effects.

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