How and why to wear a copper bracelet

Year after year, gaining popularity of copper bracelets. Is it safe this decoration? How and why to wear a copper bracelet?

Как и зачем носить медный браслет


1. Copper is one of the most vital trace element. When copper deficiency is difficult for the process synthesis of hemoglobin, tyrosine, collagen, and formation of blood cells. Frequent fractures, colds, bruising, premature wrinkles and gray hair — not a complete list of the effects of lack of copper in the body.
To maintain the required level of copper requires a balanced diet. Also to eliminate the consequences of the shortage of copper in the body can help wearing copper jewelry, particularly bracelets of copper.

2. Since ancient times known for the curative power of this metal, which was used by the healers of antiquity. The warriors in brass armour was more endurance, their wounds healed faster. Workers at copper mines and copper production, less likely to get sick during the various epidemics.
Copper jewelry was worn by men and women of Ancient Russia. Such ornaments were used as amulets, they were believed to be able to protect its wearer from disease and evil forces. Archaeologists have found in the places of burials earrings, temporal rings (a piece of headgear, decoration, fastened at the temples), hryvnia (wrap neck), pendants and bracelets.

3. Useful properties of copper are utilized by masters of alternative medicine today. For the treatment use copper plates, copper foils, which are fixed to the affected area in the form of applications. The copper is fixed on the body using adhesive plaster or bandage and is worn until symptoms of the disease, the onset of relief of the condition.
For the purpose of revitalization and rejuvenation of the body can be worn widely popular these days bracelets of copper. These bracelets are made of thin plates of red copper. The bracelet may have a small gap.

4. Some sources claim that on his right hand wearing a bracelet to the woman, the man should wear a copper bracelet on my left hand. Other sources stated that the choice of the hand for wearing the bracelet is not determined by sex of the owner of the jewelry, and the nature of the disease. So, on the right hand wearing a copper bracelet is recommended to people suffering from headaches, migraines, asthma. On the left hand bracelet made from copper should be worn to help with hypertonia and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
In addition, a copper bracelet is just beautiful, and to use this decoration for medicinal purposes it is better in addition to prescribed by a doctor therapy.

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