How to care for a mink fur coat to maintain its appearance for a long time

The basic rules that will help you save in long mink coats.

Как ухаживать за норковой шубой, чтобы сохранить ее вид на долгое время

Many women, regardless of age, are dreaming to become owners of such a treasured fur coats. The priority of mink coats. After all this fur gives warmth, comfort and confidence. Once you put on a coat of high quality and would be difficult to give preference to another type of outerwear. With the first touch of a fur coat, you receive love and affection for life.

Buying coats is an important and responsible step in every woman’s life. But the mistress mink coat must understand that from now on, this thing will always have a special place in the wardrobe. So as a mink coat does not tolerate bad treatment to them. Moreover, for proper care and care mink coat will repay its owner many years of service and presentable appearance.

That’s why before buying, it is recommended to familiarize with simple rules of care for a mink fur coat.

Remember, and don’t forget that mink coat is a luxury item of clothing that requires delicate handling. Rain and sleet will be faithful companions for fur, as it will greatly spoil the appearance of the coat. And to bring back the original elegance of the product after contact with moisture it will be difficult. Therefore, you should prefer a walk in a mink coat frosty fine days, evenings and nights. But if not managed to avoid the wet snow, you should not be afraid of drying fur. In this case the only solution will be natural drying coats. It is strictly prohibited to use heaters or hair dryer of this delicate process. After the coat is dry, to lightly stretch the hole and gently comb it.

An important point in the use of fur product is storage. Negligence in this matter can greatly spoil the appearance of fur, without the opportunity to correct the problem. Put the fur in any cases is prohibited, so as a mink coat like space and low temperature. The storage place must be spacious and well ventilated, without extraneous smells.

Mink coat does not tolerate aggressive attitude when wearing lenses. Even bag, which you used to wear in the crook of the elbow or on the shoulder can spoil the look of the fur. So from now on, these kinds of handbags is taboo. Should give preference to small bag with a small handle clutch bag or elegant.

Following these simple rules in storing a mink coat, you can not worry about its condition, appearance and sound. Lean and the right attitude to this luxurious garment will ensure its owner a long service and good times.

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