Selection rules of the microwave oven

Microwave – is simply irreplaceable thing in the kitchen. On that first of all should be paid attention to when choosing a furnace?

Правила выбора микроволновой печи

1) Price. First of all, as with any technology, the first thing you need to decide is the budget that will be spent on this purchase.

2) the Volume of the chamber. From this parameter depends on the amount of food it will be possible to prepare at one time.

3) the microwave Power. The higher this ratio, the higher quality and rapid cooking.

4) Inner coating. It is from this coverage depends on the life of the product. At the moment there are only three types of coatings: bioceramic surface, heat-resistant and stainless steel. The most expensive and best is the bioceramic surface.

5) Type of control. There are two types: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical – looks like two rotating handles where the first is the power level and the second cooking time. In digital type it is governed by buttons or touch.

6) Main modes. Microwaves are able to heat food, defrost food, prepare some of the dishes special recipes.

7) Additional modes. If it seems a little basic, and I want to use the microwave on high, then here are some more functions: grill, steamer, bakery, steam cleaning, and odor removal.

8) the Type of location. Like other appliances, the microwave oven can be both embedded and standing independently. It all depends on where the kitchen will be given a place to put it. Embedded always surpass in the price of ordinary, but in small kitchens they help save quite a significant place.

9) If there is plans in the future as often as possible to use the microwave as a primary tool for cooking, then you need to choose one with advanced features, such as frying, boiling and even making porridge.

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