11 tips to accomplish ideal results in all cases

To be successful, it is not sufficient to only be focused on success. Need to consider all your options, devise a plan of action. Decide for yourself what methods easier to follow.

11 советов для достижения идеальных результатов в любых делах

To be always the first and to achieve the highest peaks, there are little tricks that will help to cope with the tasks perfectly.

1. Don’t be afraid to write your thoughts on paper. The objective, drawn on paper, much better perceived. This applies to any ideas. Especially if she is creative plan. So always keep a pencil and paper, so as not to miss any details.

2. Definitely ask questions: what is your plan, besides you who need this plan, a place and time? Answering these questions, you can more precisely manage your plan.

3. Think about how long it will take to implement your goal? Because good ideas sooner, rather than later in the black box, because they fade and then there is a chance that you already implement.

4. Another important issue is the opinions of others. What will be their opinion when you do your project? So take the questionnaire and interview stakeholders. Human opinion never hurts.

5. Articulate the goal in the present tense. The people to whom you go for help, not have to listen to baby talk, and a clearly defined plan. To compare all the facts so that they had no other choice but to agree to your idea.

6. Don’t make one big plan. Divide it into subtopics. So much easier to handle.

7. Be responsible for their actions. Need to know what this plan is your initiative, and no one will be more responsible than the man himself.

8. Learn to analyze intermediate results of your work. Then it’s much easier to fix small bugs than the big at the end.

9. You need to go to firmly set goals and not think about what it will be in the future. Motivation is – goal is clear. Forward to implementation.

10. It is important to create the final model of his idea. Fall in love with her. And then do it.

11. Be focused on success. Never be discouraged if something will not work. Cool builders had created the Titanic and was defeated, but Noah had to build the ark and save people. So rest assured that you will succeed.

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