The rule of 5 minutes or as effective use of time?

As I became acquainted with this rule – I do not remember, but for several years it has become firmly established in my life. And there were times when I did not think in such terms: «what is one minute?!» However, for example, the system service «fly lady», there is a daily task: exactly 60 seconds for a run around the house, collecting things that «are not there» and return them to the place. That is, to make such a «forced March»: longer is not encouraged, and repeat – and repeat during the day, but without fanaticism.

правило пяти минут

Agree, even if you are very occupied and even if these cases are very important and urgent, it is always possible during the day to carve out a short period of time for desired: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Let each will have its own time period.

I immediately determined that I would like to experiment with 5 minutes. Five minutes a day is 35 minutes per week, 1 hour 10 minutes in two weeks and, respectively, 2 hours 20 minutes per month – agree that it is in any case much better than zero than nothing!

What you can get done in 5 minutes? I must say that anything global is better not to plan. Let’s come adequately to its capabilities: it must be some small action, one small step, which, nevertheless, will help a long way to go on the way to the goal on one condition — if practiced regularly every day. Listen to yourself: «I would like to do? What I never have enough time?»

The list can be quite varied: to do sports (rock press or do a few stretching exercises), to care for themselves, to dance, to care about flowers, to cook (if less globally, it is possible to look for recipes), reading, painting (e.g., coloring mandalas), to do self-massage, raslabliatsia (one of the options is to delete old contacts from phone or files from the computer), keep a diary (a diary of dreams and «wishes», a diary of gratitude, etc.), to health (to do some exercises for example, for a beautiful posture) etc. etc.

Will share their experience. So, I practiced at the same time, individually and in the inconsistency:

— mini-charging (at home or at work);

— eye exercise (very helpful, but it was not always possible to do so I made it a rule to do daily);

— exercises on the fitball;

— English language (performed a preselected drill site to study a foreign language);

— facial massage (in the evening, sometimes combined with applying the cream);

— face mask from available funds (after studying the needs of your skin, making masks from potatoes, banana, sour cream, etc.; one of the fastest and most versatile tools is to wipe the skin with peel of cucumber, and as the mask is excellent quail egg is a quick and effective mask I don’t know);

— foot massage at bedtime (great sedative),

— maid service (which was quick – clean the shelf in the bathroom, walk around the rim of the toilet, wipe the mirror,etc.)

— and more.

What I got in the end? Part of the abilities moved to skills, has found its niche in the course of my regular day and are almost automatic in the minimum of time. The other part – not regularly, but occasionally continue to practice. And something completely «disappeared» (probably what is not currently relevant).

According to the results of the research, the skill is formed in 21 days, so it is advisable to practice at least a month to feel the result.

I am convinced that each of us can find at least a few minutes a day for what truly is important and desirable. The most important thing is to begin. The main obstacle that is often found here: «Five minutes a day not giving me anything, that if you engage in for an hour – then the effect will be». First, the practice shows that small action solved much easier. Secondly, in the formation of the skill an important regularity: better little by little but regularly than a lot, and rarely (this will confirm any athlete, dancer, polyglot, etc.).

What you plan to spend your 5 minutes daily?

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