The love of a mother-to-child

About a mother’s love composed Proverbs and legends of the people since ancient times. Indeed, this is the most powerful of all love feelings. The power of maternal love so great that it is able to change for the better soul of the child. But the child loves his mother, and this love is also able to give the mother a lot.

Любовь матери к ребенку

The love of a child

Child never and anyone will not change your mother, it doesn’t matter what kind of life awaits him, rich or poor . Also not a major, what in the world will happen, as long as mom was there and gave his love. Kids love the pure and sincere love, because in their innocent souls there is no place for pride, resentment, anger and all other unpleasant qualities. Children will always forgive and will continue to give their love, joy and happiness.

Kids are thrown into orphanages, and the majority of children all my life I wander around looking for his mother, forgiving her for everything, if only just to see her and to be infinitely happy. The child cannot bring their mother or father, their love is not betrayal, that’s why I say «kids» because this is an example of the bright, boundless, and unconditional love.

A mother’s love

A mother’s love for her child is a Prime example of when the mother will protect from anything that threatens her child, I will try to resolve any problem in the life of her child, the mother will try to do everything, if only her child was happy. All my life mother protects, cares for and protects her child, because she loves, and this love is the most important thing in her life, most importantly — the child.

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