How to educate children with behavior deviating from the norm

A child with behavioral problems is the child, deprived of attention, care, participation of adults, it is often children from disadvantaged families and children abandoned by troubled parents. Deviant child is a child who has mental disabilities, neuropsychiatric disorders.

Every year children with deviant behavior to become more and more, and it’s one of those situations where you need to pay attention, because these difficult children are constantly communicating with children with a completely healthy psyche.

For anybody not a secret that living in any society, people may unconsciously to ourselves to become like those people who surround him. Appear previously non-existent manners, changing traits, behaviour and overall personality of a person. When the deviant communication of children with normal children there is quite a reasonable exchange of emotions and information, which can affect the fragile psyche of the child as neutral and positively or negatively. In case of negative changes after this conversation, the child loses the notion of social and moral norms and cultural values.

In many schools there are classes where there are one or more children with behavioral problems which need special treatment from the teacher. In such cases, the teacher is forced to follow a particular methodology that would be appropriate for ordinary children and at the same time did not cause harm to children with behavioral problems. It is difficult enough for adults interacting with these children, but in turn these children have much more difficulty. To these difficulties is such a notion as the inferiority complex, the child thinks of himself as misunderstood, under-loved, rejected, and this is regardless of how well or poorly it relates to its environment.

The continued development and future of these children depends on total effort of more than one person — or rather, from the family, teaching staff, heads of groups and constant contact with peers. Overcoming the difficulties such children is a process that includes the following items:

1. Involvement in the cultural life of the school, namely school-wide activities, sports, competition, Olympics, etc.

2. Identify special talents of the child;

3. Work in a team;

4. Responsibility;

5. The formation of an objective assessment;

6. The various psychological trainings;

7. Comprehensive development (trips to museums, theaters, Hiking, classical music concerts, etc.).

With deviant children a more appropriate style is style, since in the game the child is interested, his mind not focused on their shortcomings, and what is happening in the gameplay is deposited in his memory. Thus, the game will include a report of school material, pastime, where the child receives only positive emotions that is a good factor for psychological consciousness and bears no harm.


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