Ticket prices for ice hockey world Championship 2016

In 2016 the Russian fans of hockey will have a real holiday. After nine years, Russia is hosting the world Cup of hockey. In Moscow and St. Petersburg from the 6th may to start fights leading hockey teams of the world.

Цены на билеты к Чемпионату мира по хоккею 2016

Many Russians love hockey. It is no coincidence, because the Russian team is one of the leading in this sport. World Championships gather at screens of TVs millions of fans. In 2016 the Russians will be able to witness the game of the main tournament of the year among ice hockey teams. However, it should be said that it is quite expensive.

The main question of interest to hockey fans, may be the price of tickets for the world Cup 2016. About how much are tickets for world Cup games, at the moment there is no full and accurate information, although some specialized sites already listed orientirovanie pictures.

Ticket prices for the world Championship 2016 will depend on many factors. First of all, this stage of the tournament, teams participating in the match. Tickets to the games team Russia will cost more than the matches of the France or Norway. Confrontation, for example, Latvia and Kazakhstan will be assessed less than the game Canada — USA. In addition, an important role in the cost of the tickets will play the location of the seats in the stands.

The price of the cheapest tickets for group stage matches ranging from 3000 rubles. This is the value to match, for example, Denmark and Norway. This price implies the least convenient place for viewing (the upper riser). The best seats can cost about 5000 — 6000 roubles. Package tickets for all matches of the group stage (there will be seven) Norway costs 28,000 rubles.

Group game more famous rivals, in particular Canada and the United States more expensive. The cost of tickets can range from 6,000 to 15,000 rubles depending on the places.

Russian national team begins tournament by a match with the Czech Republic. Ticket prices for this game can be the minimum value of 10,000 rubles. The upper limit of the best places about 35,000 rubles. The VIP seats can cost even more. The match of Russians from Kazakhstan in the group ticket will be cheaper. The price will be approximately 6,000 rubles. Package tickets for the games of the national team in the group stage is worth about 90,000 rubles (least watchable).

The ticket prices of matches of the playoff and medal games is usually higher than that of group stage matches, however, will depend on the factors mentioned above (participating teams and places in the stands).

Note: these ticket prices are indicative, it is quite possible some difference in cost directly to the beginning of the world championship.


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