How to fight acne?

Previously, doctors thought that acne occurs because of bacteria that get into the pores of the skin, and was prescribed antibiotics. But, according to numerous studies, this judgment was refuted. In addition, antibiotics are not very useful liver. Today doctors completely refused antibiotics.

Как бороться с угревой сыпью?

In adolescence, acne (acne) occurs when puberty begins. Pink pimples are formed later. Usually blackheads appear in the area of the nose wings, poured on the chin and cover the forehead and the center of the face.

Several reasons for this:

— problems with stomach or intestinal disorder;

— poor nutrition (the body enough vitamins and minerals).

The middle-aged women in menopause may also start a rash. Sometimes the organism badly perceives women contraceptives and responds in the form of acne. If the skin is prone to inflammation, then it should not be irritating unsuitable lotions, ointments. Only a dermatologist can prescribe you a suitable treatment and necessary ointment.

Small pimples may develop into unpleasant disease – dermatitis. The main symptoms are the appearance of small capillaries, redness, age spots or even blisters on the skin. There may be pustules and red pimples. Before you start treatment, you need to figure out what are the causes. Maybe the person allergic to some drug or product?

The most effective can be the treatment drugs, which are based on retinoic acid. This treatment may help, but may appear and side effects – headaches, eye irritation, increased cholesterol and so on. Before taking any drug, you should undergo a full examination. Retinoic acid may be found in some creams and ointments.

If the patient has dermatitis, peels carry undesirable.

You can do micropiling to disinfect the skin and to release the follicles from the content.

In some cases it is possible to apply laser therapy in which the skin is disinfected and cleaned with the risk of scarring is reduced.

If you notice acne on your face, go immediately to the dermatologist. He will prescribe all necessary procedures. Do not tighten as soon as possible and start treatment.

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