Translucent powder: recommended products

The translucent powder is a cosmetic product that is suitable in any situation. Especially when you need a flawless makeup throughout the day. Powder set makeup, preserving a fresh and matte effect for many hours.

Прозрачная пудра: рекомендуемые продукты

On the market there are plenty of options powder. Mineral and unique plant complex, granular, and recently gaining in popularity – transparent. Below are some suggestions that will ease your decision and tell why you should have them in my cosmetic bag.
1. Kryolan – translucent powder
Translucent powder Kryolan brand is a reliable, professional cosmetic product that will love any woman. It guarantees flawless makeup throughout the day, regardless many factors. If you are looking for a cosmetic that will leave the face thin and matte finish, it is worth to bet on him.
2. Max Factor Loose Powder Translucent
Another product that deserves recognition, it’s the translucent powder is from the brand Max Factor. Will prove invaluable for people with oily skin. After the first application the skin becomes smooth and silky, without additional load. Choosing the right shade, it gives confidence in that the powder perfect skin without creating a mask effect.
3. Mary Kay powder
Not to mention the powder from the brand Mary Kay. This free flowing powder, which is able to the skin Matt throughout the day. No other cosmetic product is great for any skin tone. Moreover, through the contained particles perfectly disguises wrinkles, so the skin regains radiance and freshness.
4. Ecocera – rice powder
Not every item has a name. Mark Ecocera goes to meet your expectations and because of this, you should choose this unique cosmetic product, rice powder. This product is great for oily skin. Quickly and effectively absorbs excess sebum and gives skin a matte appearance for many hours.
5. Pierre rené — powder with minerals
Another product that should meet your expectations, it is a transparent powder with minerals from the brand Pierre Rene. Designed for all women who want to have flawless makeup. With this cosmetics this goal will be achieved without much effort.
6. Marisa – translucent powder
It is worth remembering about cosmetics brands Marisa. This powder is characterized by a light texture that does not clog pores and protects the skin from any external influences. In addition, the powder adapts perfectly to skin tone, without the effect of «mask».
7. Celia – loose powder for the face
Because it contained silk protein and natural UV filters can be used always and at any time of the year, even during Sunny days. With the included components, this loose powder provides bright colors of makeup, and perfectly hides the tarnish of the skin. Are you looking for a unique cosmetic product that will make your skin will have a beautiful and flawless look? If so, you should put on a transparent powder. Try it today and you will see that without him wearing make-up will never be the same.

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