The secrets of lash care

What girl does not dream about long, fluffy eyelashes? Voluminous, black lashes beautifully frame the eyes and create a mysterious enchanting look. Actually to achieve thick and curved eyelashes not too difficult, about this I and tell in article.

Секреты ухода за ресницами

You will need

  • Castor oil, baby oil, a special comb for eyelashes, cotton swabs, means for removing makeup from the eyes.


1. Never leave the mascara at night. Make sure to remove makeup special means for make-up removal, it is desirable that they contain vitamins, various oils and extracts of plants, such as cornflower. Never rinse off the ink with soap, it is very harmful for the eyes. But, You can use different baby oil to clean the lashes with mascara.

2. Choose only high-quality and expensive ink. Give your eyelashes a break from mascara at least 2-3 times a week. Change your mascara every 3 months. It would be good to use a special brush and comb her lashes before applying makeup, this will prevent breakage, and makeup will make smoother. Try to use tongs for Curling eyelashes only in exceptional cases, because of their thermal and mechanical effects eyelashes become brittle and thinned.

3. Of course, the most ancient and effective recipe for beauty eyelashes — castor oil. More efficient means yet. This is due to several reasons. First, oil thickens each lash, creating an overall voluminous look. Secondly, from castor oil, they become darker and denser, without the black lashes impossible beautiful eyes. Thirdly, from this miraculous means begin to grow new eyelashes: thick and long. Apply castor oil it is best warmed for an hour before sleep, the need to remove excess with a cotton swab. For the qualitative application, use the brush from an old mascara (always rinse).

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