How to create a group in Friendster

The majority of visitors to the site sooner or later ask the question «How to create a group in Friendster?».

Как создать группу в одноклассниках.

You will need

  • — account in the social network «Classmates»


1. Log on to the site «Classmates» under your account or under an account that are going to create a group. In the future this account will become the administrator of this group. In the menu right of the photo, click «Groups»

Группы одноклассников.

2. On the opened page in the left column, find the button «Create a group or event» right under your avatar and name. Click on the button to start the creation of the group.

Создать группу в одноклассниках.

3. Select the type of group you are creating. Select «interests» — if your group is created for communication between visitors of the same interests, exchange information and so on. «For business» — select this option if your group will be associated with your business, i.e. you expect to attract customers with it. The event is suitable for posting information about an upcoming event, such as a concert or a birthday party that you organize.

Тип группы в одноклассниках.

4. Fill out the short form description of the group. Group name — enter a meaningful descriptive name for the group. 2-3 words are enough. Description — enter an expanded description of the group, tell us more on what topics you are going to chat in this group. Subject — select the subject groups to groups directory social network «Schoolmates». Click «Select skin» and load a small but informative image that will reflect the essence of your group. Select open group, if you want so that everyone could join it without your consent. Select a closed group, if you want to limit the number of participants in the group. When all fields are filled, click create.

Информация по группе в одноклассниках.

5. Congratulations! Your group is created, you can invite friends, add messages and photos. To invite friends, click «Invite friends» under the avatar of the group.

Приглашение друзей в группу в одноклассниках.

6. In the opened window, select friends and click «Invite». Your friends will receive an invitation to the group, and if they like the group, they will join it.

Выбор друзей для приглашения в группу.

7. As the group administrator, you can create messages on behalf of the group. Such messages will see all the participants in the ribbon event. To write a message on behalf of the group, click in «Create new topic». Tap on it and click on the icon with your avatar in the lower left corner and select group.

Выбор отправки сообщения от группы.

8. Now you can create a message, write text, attach a photo, music or survey. After you click «Share», the message will be published and all members of the group see him in the news on a site «Schoolmates».

Публикация сообщения от имени группы в одноклассниках.

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