What does the tag cloud

Tags are labels or keywords that reflect the main theme of the article or message posted on the Internet. Why they arise and should they be used?

Для чего нужно облако тегов

The concept of the tag cloud appeared about 10 years ago. It first appeared at the WordPress engine, and then became an independent element of design of web pages regardless of the engine on which they are organized.

The tag cloud provides a visual representation of which categories of articles you will find on this online resource. The more often a keyword was mentioned, the big size font it is displayed. The wide spread of this technology has received on blogs and specific sites. Keywords cloud may be created manually or with the help of special programs-generators.

Tag cloud expresses the main theme of the site, acts as a semantic core of your website and used by search engines for indexing. In addition, it can be used as a pointer: just click on one of the categories to display all articles and posts related to this subject. For the user the tag cloud is a handy navigation tool on the website.

For SEO promotion, the page or resource you can pick up a tag cloud that contains high frequency user queries. The only disadvantage of this technology is that in the cloud of keywords is impossible to create a hierarchical structure of tags: levels of nesting are not supported.

The tag cloud can be implemented as hyperlinks or html using flash technology. Many CMS (e.g. WordPress and Joomla) offer additional plugins to implement this functionality. You can specify the number of displayed tags, to experiment with the size and color of the font. The cloud can be static or dynamic. The variety of design options will make this item a harmonious addition to any site.


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