How to connect your smartphone to your laptop?

To connect an Android smartphone or Windows PC or laptop is no big deal, but it’s not such an elementary problem as you might think at first glance.

Как подключить смартфон к ноутбуку или компьютеру?

Why do you need to connect your smartphone to PC? Of course, it is not necessary but is thus easier to pump photos, books and other content from your computer to your smartphone and Vice versa.

How to connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop via USB?

When you purchase most models of smartphones included with the gadget attached special cable, one end of which connector is mini USB, another is a regular USB. With the help of this cable is very easy to connect your smartphone to the computer.

Helpful hint: if your smartphone didn’t come with this cable, you can purchase it separately, it still is useful.

The connection process

After connecting the cable to the computer and the smartphone, wait a little that the PC can recognize the device connected to it.

The smartphone also detects that it is connected to PC. To verify this, lower the bar by moving up and down and you will see a notification that the USB connection is established. The smartphone can be installed on a USB drive to transfer data to it and back.

I must say that to connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop is not necessary to use the USB cable. It is possible to connect via Bluetoth or Wi-Fi, however, this requires, firstly, that both devices have the appropriate wireless adapter (on a smartphone they usually are built), and secondly, you need to install specific software.

Selection and configuration of appropriate software, in this case, a process that requires objective assessment of the tasks that will be solved with the help of this connection, and some knowledge of system administration, so I don’t recommend using this type of connection for the trivial file transfer a user between the above devices (if provided with your phone didn’t go ON that supports this data transfer method).

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