Foam — scope for creativity and imagination

I represent to your attention a very interesting and unique material for art and crafts with foam sheets.

Фоамиран - простор для творчества и фантазии

He recently appeared and become very popular. This is not surprising because from such material turns out something incredible, amazing and beautiful.

What is foam? It is a flat synthetic material, soft and silky to the touch. Its main advantage is ability to a small sprain, thus Tamarana you can do anything you want.

Most of this material is made of flowers. They look almost lifelike, even much better. In great demand among brides use the bouquets from tameran, it is not only beautiful, but also durable, unlike floral bouquets. In addition, it is also easy on the environment.

With Tamarana easy to fantasize and create small needlework masterpieces: not only flowers, but also various decorations, garlands, accessories, cards, gift items packaging.

Each piece of Tamarana is unique and not similar to another. To work with such material quite easy and enjoyable. It will show all facets of his creativity, talent and imagination in the craft.

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