How to make the machine out of matchboxes

Not throw away the empty matchbox into the garbage chute. Applying a little imagination and slightly changing the shape of the matchboxes, you can make a very interesting model of the car or truck. Such manufacturing models from matchboxes will be very interesting and useful for children of preschool age.

Как сделать машину из спичечных коробков


How to make model cars

For the manufacture of the machine will need three empty box of regular matches, two empty rod from a ball-point pen, a little thin copper wire and two pieces of aluminum or steel wire of length 10 cm and diameter of 2.5 mm. Will also need a pencil, ruler, scissors and a utility knife.

Take one match box and unplug the box and the lid of the box. On the top of the cover cut with both edges of the box. The slot should end at 5 millimeters from the edge of the box lid. Fold the cut part under the angle of 110 degrees. From the edge of the cut part of the back is 15 mm and cut the rest of the top of the cover box. In the figure, the portion that must be cut, shaded. Returning the drawer into place, get a cab car with the windshield.

Take the second matchbox and disassemble it. The cover box is split transversely into two equal parts. With two sides cut at 12 mm from the box and paste these pieces back to cover. Glue with white glue the part with a part from the first box.

The middle of the drawer box use as a material for the manufacture of car seats. Measure out two pieces of 10 mm, cut them and glue them to the interior of the car.

Completely disassemble the third matchbox and cut out 16 circles with a diameter of 20 millimeters. Glue on 4 circles together with white glue. These blanks will be the wheels of the car. The empty rods from ballpoint pens or put on a wire wheel and sepaate the ends lighter, slightly replusive. Glue the axle to the bottom of the matchboxes. The model of the car ready.

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