Dance on the pole — the art and grace

Crazy popular has acquired a new kind of dance – pole dance. The beauty and smoothness of movements mesmerizing view the strength of each muscle involved in the game play trick and theatrics that will leave no one indifferent.

Танец на шесте - искусство и грация

Abroad and in Russia are large-scale world-class Championships, showing that pole dancing is not Stripping and bare form, and art form that deserves respect and veneration.

In many clubs the women’s open group where any wishing can try yourself as a dancer. At first glance it seems that everything is easy and simple, but actually moves and twists require a strong physical training.

Before the main part of the lesson is a 20-minute warm-up, which allows you to warm up the muscles, ligaments, to avoid injury. Then the trainer teaches the basics of dance, special twists, protecting the newcomers. After a couple of sessions you receive confidence in your hands and ease.

Effort and diligence will do the job. Many then begin a professional career with performances at competitions and achieve victories and trophies. And for some it remains a favorite hobby that delights a loved one for a romantic evening.

A special form of training is not required, it is enough for shorts, short top and elastic bandages (for fixation of the hands from stretching). The main requirement in clothing – the legs, stomach and arms should be open for the best coupling with a pole.

Once it is hard to stop! This dance is addictive, fall in love with. And the result will be a toned beautiful body, femininity and sexuality.

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