2 ways to make a vase out of paper, the rest of the chips

Cardboard tube into which is Packed some brands of chips, very convenient for a variety of crafts. Look how from a simple cardboard you can make an original vase for dried flowers.

Два способа сделать вазу из картонки, оставшейся от чипсов


Flower vase with their hands in eco-style

For craft you will need cardboard tube from chips, rope, glue, decoration materials (colored paper, fabric, beads, beads, artificial flowers and stuff like that).

The process

Apply glue and wrap the rope cardboard in a spiral. Pay attention that the rope went tight, without gaps. The tip of the rope neatly connected at the top.

Decorate a vase with two or three small artificial flowers. The leaves can be cut from green paper, fabrics, and special floral materials. By the way, the flowers can also be made of fabric or paper.

Glass flower vase with their hands

For craft you will need cardboard tube from chips, clay, glass «stones» or large rhinestones, white paper.


Glue a box of chips white paper.

On paper stick to the glass as tightly as possible to each other. Please note that the finished vase will look neater if you choose to DIY the sequins on the glue, and the space between large stones to fill with rhinestones small size.

Helpful hint: in such a vase is not necessary to pour the water, however, the problem can be solved if to find a plastic or glass beaker of suitable diameter to put it inside the vase. For these purposes, you can use a small plastic bottle.

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