Tips on caring for hibiscus

The Chinese hibiscus is a rather finicky plant that requires proper care.

Советы по уходу за гибискусом

Can give some advice on caring for the flower:

  • Temperature mode. The Chinese hibiscus is very heat-loving houseplant. In hot weather it should be kept at an average temperature of 20-25 °C in a cold — 15-20 °C. the Minimum temperature, which was permitted in late autumn and in winter 13 °C.
  • China rose, in other words, the Chinese hibiscus loves the light. Not necessarily direct sunlight, just a well-lit room. It is best to place the flower near the Windows located on the East or West of the room. During periods of extreme heat, need to reduce from the sunlight.
  • Fertilizer. Fertilize hibiscus in early April to the end of August once every three weeks. To do this, use a special fertilizer.
  • The humidity of the air. If the room is not humid enough, then every two to three days rose it is necessary to irrigate with water.
  • Watering. The soil in the flowerpot should always be moist, thus it is impossible to fill the ground very hard.
  • Transplantation. As with any houseplant, the Chinese rose should be transplanted. Desirable to do so in early spring — in March. When transplanting mandatory to do special soil for flower. The base of this soil must be present: peat, turf, leaf soil and sand. After rose was transplanted, cut and pinch it.
  • Pruning of shoots speeds up the flowering process of hibiscus.
  • Most importantly, remember, don’t dry up and do not fill the soil to give the plant to peremarket. Adhering to these basic and simple tips, you will get beautiful and flowering plants.

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