Neuropathic pain and chilli

Neuropathic pain occurs when damaged nerves. They are not associated with violation of the internal organs. This may be affected any division of the nervous system – Central, peripheral, sympathetic. For a man with so much pain even the simplest steps, for example, put on shoes or walk become, unbearable. Neuropathic pain are quite different and are therefore difficult to diagnose.

Нейропатические боли и перец чили

The nerve damage can result from the following reasons:

is diabetes mellitus followed by diabetic polyneuropathy,

— a stroke with partial or complete lesions of the nervous system of the body,

— low back pain or diseases of the spine can lead to pinched nerve,

multiple sclerosis that causes neuropathic pain in different areas of the body,

cord injury with damage to nerve fibers,

— post-operative pain in the joints.

By the way, binge drinking can also cause neuropathic pain.

The main method of therapy in the treatment of neuropathic pain today is pharmacotherapy, that is, determining the cause of the pain is selection of medicines. If the pain is not very strong, you can try to use a simple recipe – red hot pepper.

Red pepper, Chile, Cayenne pepper – all of these names refer to pungent peppers. This is not only an attractive highlight in the kitchen. Burning properties of the pepper can help to fight the pain. The fact that the peppers have a substance concentrating its sharp bitterness is capsaicin. It is already understood. It is known that capsaicin has a neurotoxic effect and inhibits the receptor responsible for pain.

This occurs as follows: the spicy substance capsaicin in contact with the skin to excite the receptors (pain, temperature). First dispatched impulse signaling pain to the brain. Thus there is redness of the skin and it begins to «burn». This effect relaxes spasm of the muscle fiber. Then relax the nerve ending receptors. This causes the analgesic effect. Made on the basis of red pepper ointments, creams and patches is able to reduce mild muscle and nerve pain.

Unfortunately, not every person can tolerate the Cayenne pepper. People with sensitive skin can burn after treatment with pepper. Therefore, before applying, apply the cream or ointment on a small patch of skin to check the reaction.

Caution! Once in the eyes or nose, the pepper can cause pain.

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