How to grow carrots in the garden

One of the most popular root crops in the vegetable garden can be called carrots. The roots turned out beautiful, smooth and delicious, a must when caring to follow certain rules.

Как вырастить морковь на огороде

Before you plant carrots in ridges, it is necessary to determine Heeresmuseum. You must choose areas with good lighting. When grown in the shade has some flaws in its yield, and taste will be deteriorated.

Predecessors of carrots in the garden can be garlic or onions, tomatoes or cucumbers, cabbage or potatoes. It is undesirable to plant carrots after celery, parsnip, fennel and parsley.

Correct time of sowing – this depends on the crop. When planning when to plant carrots, it is also recommended to focus on the time frame in which you would like to receive the harvest. For early carrots are planting early maturing varieties, they can be spring or podzimny. But not in all regions possible options are due to the difference in climate. If the winter is especially severe, seeds can freeze solid and under thick layers of coverings. Therefore, preference is given mostly to crops that are performed early in the spring is to do it immediately after warming up the upper layers of the soil.

We must bear in mind that when cold snaps «storability» of roots may deteriorate. Sometimes in a large number of arrows are formed on the greenery. But for beam products is not affected badly, and sowing can be performed early enough.

For installation on a suitable storage carrot with long ripening times. Vysielanie needed, when it will be stable at the temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

To speed up germination and remove the seeds with the marriage, the seeds for 10 hours before landing, you need to pour warm water. Then remove those that float. The rest can be planted.

Before planting carrots in ridges for the seeds on the surface of the earth to make furrows, and shed their well water. Did not need to do very small – wind could blow on land only sown the seeds. In the deep furrows, they will have difficulty to sprout. The incorporation to conduct better at a depth of 2-3 cm Between furrows make the distance of 15 cm between seeds – 2 cm.

Will seeds when they hatch and to the surface will leave the green tops, you will need to take care of the garden. Definitely provided timely weeding, hoeing of the surface, thinning the seedlings. On the frequency of watering depends on the taste and strength of roots.

Feeding carrots during the season is carried out twice. First time fertilizers are applied should a month later, sprouting greens, then repeat in about 6 weeks. For feeding the prepared liquid solution: a bucket of water a few cups of ash, or a mixture of 20 g of potassium nitrate, double superphosphate, 15 g, 15 g. of urea

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