The establishment of greenhouses

In greenhouses need those who are engaged in growing vegetables and flowers. They have the ability to create a specific microclimate, which will be suitable to different plants.

Создание теплиц

In addition to the reliability and convenience of a greenhouse, many wish to have this beautiful structure fit into the landscape design. To build a greenhouse, which would be combined all of these properties, in principle, possible. Thus it is possible to build your own or buy ready-made design, then you will need to mount.

The choice of greenhouses

Distinguish between the greenhouse:

  • Form.
  • On a skeleton.
  • Based on the coverage.
  • As for the shape of the greenhouse, it all depends on the owner of the land. But the frames and the coating is necessary to disassemble in detail.

    Frame materials

    Tree. This is one of the most popular materials for the construction of the frame. To make such a framework possible and with his own hands. The advantages of a wooden frame to secure and keep the heat inside. But the tree must be processed at a later time. From landscape design, not everyone can create a beautiful structure.

    Plastic. This material is robust and stands firmly. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and various chemicals.

    — Aluminum. The first thing to notice is that such material is not the cheapest. But the characteristics of this frame is pretty good. To external factors aluminum racks.

    — Omega or hat profile. This material has excellent properties for the construction of the frame. Disassembled are not expensive, but the installation can encounter some problems. Special care is needed this construction in the winter. If not clear it of snow, there can occur deformation in the structure.

    Profile pipe. This material can withstand heavy loads. In addition to the affordable prices plus the fact that it is easy to assemble.

    — Metal corner. The material is similar to the previous one. But its price is more. This frame will last a long time.

    The coating material

    — Plastic film. With such material it is easy to operate. There is a huge choice of films – from cheap to expensive, from one season to long.

    Glass. Today it is used very rarely.

    — Replaced the glass came polycarbonate, which has the best properties. The advantage of this material is in good svetopropuskanie and noise isolation.

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