Design of a narrow corridor in a typical apartment

Our apartments are similar in their layout. A typical layout of the rooms makes difficult the implementation of bold ideas in their design. Is it possible to transform a standard narrow corridor?

Дизайн узкого коридора в типовой квартире

The hallway is the first room you see and your guests at the entrance to the apartment. And requirements for this room are quite high: beauty, comfort, a certain functional load. But, unfortunately, in our apartments, the corridors, the bulk of narrow, long and uncomfortable. Besides, they have no sources of natural light. But if you ask for, these problems are quite solvable. Importantly, fine-tune the design and use a few simple rules.

To visually expand the space corridor for the walls and floor, choose Wallpaper, tile or linoleum is light colored, but take different shades. The tone of furnish of a ceiling should be lighter than the walls. Floor tile lay diagonally, and linoleum choose from diagonal or cross pattern. Use the interior mirror, you can also use glass. Hang a few lights, which light will be directed sideways or upwards. As a rule, from the hallway doors lead to other rooms. If possible replace the door wide doorways or decorative arches (living room, kitchen).

The furniture should be functional and fit the décor of the corridor. Do not use deep cabinets with open shelves or wardrobes. For a very small corridor fit a simple hanger. As for shoes, there are ideal cabinets for shoes. A great option for a narrow corridor is a Cabinet-slim. It is quite roomy and compact. Its width does not exceed 30 cm Provide space for storage of keys, umbrellas, bags, hats. With a wide range of modern furniture is not difficult. Do not clutter the hall with unnecessary furniture, just everything you need.

With the right approach to the design, the interior is even very small and narrow hallway can be made comfortable, spacious and functional.

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