Interior design in modern style

The modern mad rhythm, each person tries to create around himself an island of calm, silence, serenity. Most often, this place becomes a house. People are extremely responsible approach to the choice of materials, colors, accessories for the island of silence, for our home. And when it comes to repairs is the first question that you should answer: «What style is my house? What he will have a soul?»

Дизайн интерьера в современном стиле

Magazines on interior design in modern style full of articles detailing the variety of styles in the interior:

  • French shabby chic;
  • «grandma’s» rustic-style;
  • modern;
  • classic;
  • hi-tech;
  • Baroque;
  • the minimalism.

It remains only to choose what you will like. And therein lies the greater challenge.

The philosophy of interior design in modern style

Each style has its own philosophy. Shabby chic is hardly suitable for a person who loves technology and strives to equip your home with the latest in the tech world Lover of peds will be uncomfortable in the apartment in art Nouveau style. Each creates a reflection of himself in his apartment, filling it with his vision of this world. And depending on how you see your world, will be your home. In this article I would like to discuss features of the Scandinavian style that is becoming more popular in interior design in a modern style.

Scandinavian style

Every day Scandinavian style more and more popular and is not just. This style is very close in spirit to what we used to see our grandmothers in the homes. The blanket on the couch, geraniums on the windowsill, with tulle curtains, braided rugs on wood floors. But Scandinavian style has distinctive features. This interior design in modern style originated far away. This style came to us from Northern countries with harsh climates. People in these countries are forced to live in harsh conditions, striving to create a maximum comfort and homely atmosphere, while not cluttering the space and leaving enough space for air and light. This style will appeal to those who like simple and functional things, those who aspire to the feeling of weightlessness in the house, when everything is permeated by air and light, where every thing is in its place and nothing is superfluous.

Nordic style is characterized by simple lines, clean colors and bright accents, natural materials, natural texture, functionality and comfort. In this house you will not find a heavy curtains on the Windows, stucco on the ceiling, on the tables will not stand vases with ornate drawings on the walls won’t hang paintings in heavy frames. Here you will be able to see light curtains on the huge Windows, through which light will seep into the far corners of the room, flowers in clear vases, on the wooden floor instead of carpets will lie light mats, most likely handmade. The main colors in the interior is white. Against this background it is very easy to create contrast with color accents. However, if to remember about the Russian mentality, it is likely that the abundance of white will cause our Association with hospitals. Therefore, in interior design in contemporary style variation with lighter shades of natural colors: light yellow, light green, lavender, light grey. In order to add the bright spots in this room enough to put bright flowers in vases or pots to put bright pillows on the sofa, hang light colored curtains on the window, use bright frames for photos or paintings. The main thing is not to overdo it with accents, otherwise there is a danger to turn my clean house into a warehouse of small parts.

If you chose interior design in modern style Scandinavian, so in your world you appreciate weightlessness, purity, simplicity and functionality. After all, it is these qualities that distinguish Scandinavian style in a variety of styles. This style ensures you a relaxing stay and calm within your thoughts after a hard day’s work, and later output the morning over a Cup of refreshing coffee. Most importantly, when choosing the style of your house you was comfortable and quiet, your soul and mind rested, and the body sought to be captured by the colors and smells of your home.


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