How to make an apartment-style shabby chic

The interior in the style of shabby chic was created recently, but every year he gets more and more fans. Because in such houses usually offer peace and serenity, romanticism and coziness.

Кухня в стиле Шебби Шик

The main features of shabby chic style is lightness, airiness, ornateness. The apparent negligence here is aesthetically designed, and if the apartment has a small creative mess, he’s not annoying, and causes tenderness.

Стиль Шебби Шик вызывает умилениеShabby chic can not do without the bright pastel colors and floral prints in the form of small roses. Creative people can create the interior yourself.

Interior decoration of the apartment-style shabby chic

Нежность стиля Шебби ШикTo create the style of shabby chic you do not need to install plastic Windows, they are contraindicated. You can simply paint the walls Matt white paint or paste over bright Wallpaper with small roses or small heavenly birds. They can be a pale stripe.

Suitable and decorative, but flaked plaster.Пол лучше сделать дощатым

The floor should be a simple plank or parquet, it is desirable that it have been worn. Allowed and laminate flooring real wood. The bathroom floor can be repaired metlahskoy tiles, but it must create the feeling of old, so it is permissible chipped and darkening. The color of the floor.

Потолок в стиле Шебби Шик можно побелить

The ceiling can whitewash just vodoemulsionku, it is better to add a little colour: pink, lilac or other pastel shades. On the ceiling in the living room suitable moldings, in the center you need to hang a large chandelier with imitation candles and crystal tassels. Elsewhere perfect fit fabric shades.

How to create an interior in the style of shabby chic

Нежность стиля Шебби Шик

Furnishing the apartment in the shabby chic style, should be replaced with modern furniture. If the house was an old furniture:

  • cabinets;
  • chest;
  • a snack bar;
  • chest;
  • dressing table with wicker legs;
  • easy wicker chairs, etc.

Мебель для создания стиля Шебби Шик должна быть добротнаяBut the furniture should be of good quality. It can be restored, painted in elegant white, or any pastel colour, but must remain a feeling of wear, matching trim. Allowed gilding or carving. You can use decoupage technique. After such modifications the furniture would look no worse than an expensive antique.

But even a brand new and quite modern furniture can fit into the interior in the style of shabby chic, if properly aged.

If your table does not fit in with the style, just cover it with white lace or linen tablecloth. After all, the main thing is that the interior of the house was filled with tenderness and romance.

Накройте стол скатертью для создания стиля Шебби Шик

Upholstered furniture is better to upholster with silk, velour, velvet, tapestry and other natural fabrics, embellished and elegant designs. Decorative pillows to decorate with embroidered roses or angels. Instead of the usual bedspread bed it is better to lay a «case» with a ruffle of lace. The Windows hang curtains with swags, tassels and drapery.Шкатулочки, рамки для стиля Шебби Шик

When decorating the apartment, this style will suit different accessories. The emphasis is on the following items:

  • boxes;
  • vases with artificial or fresh flowers;
  • flower pots out of old dishes;
  • frayed and faded frames with pictures;
  • photo frames with florid openwork details.
  • antique clock;
  • candlesticks;
  • porcelain dolls;
  • angels.

Стиль Шебби Шик

Even non-compliant parts should be merged into a single body with different nuances. This can be the same main color or pattern that you can create the technique of decoupage.

Serenity and peace, love and tenderness – these feelings will become companions of the residents of the house in the style of shabby chic.

Дизайн стиля Шебби Шик

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