How to plant tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the greenhouse

Spring is in full swing, which means very soon the farmers will start sowing horticultural crops, transplanting. For experienced gardeners this process is quite easy as they know all the nuances of planting and replanting. More difficult to have those who first decided to grow their crops.

На каком расстоянии сажать помидоры, перцы и огурцы в теплице

At what distance to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse

Start transplanting of cucumbers in Central Russia in mid-may, so at this time, often at night already no frosts. As for the distance at which plants should be from each other, it depends on the varieties of cucumbers, and method of planting.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the distance between the cucumbers can vary between 40 and 60 centimeters. And the vertical method of planting the optimum amount of 40-50 cm, and in horizontal — not less than 60 cm Even if you have a fairly large garden plot and you have an opportunity to provide for a wide garden bed of cucumbers, then choose the vertical method of planting, as in this case, you will get a bigger crop of cucumbers.

At what distance to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse

The scheme of planting tomatoes depends on the cultivar, the formation of stems and leaves of plants. To get the maximum yield of tomatoes, not too to densify, because otherwise they will not have enough sunlight, humidity exceeds all norms.

One recommendation of the method of planting tomatoes is not, however, considered that the best way of landing the mid-season low-growing crops (including varieties «Pink leader», «Dachnik», «Fontanka», etc.) — a chess. The plants are thriving and give a good harvest when planting them in two rows, spacing between rows, and by the tomato — 50 centimeters.

Mid-season tomatoes stambenih varieties (dwarf slabovetvâŝihsâ «bullfinch», «Dementor» and others) give a good harvest and a very small area. For example, such varieties can be planted in 25 centimeters from each other, at a distance of 50 centimeters in rows. One thing to consider with this method of planting seedlings require more care. Indeterminate tall varieties of tomatoes should be planted at a distance of 60 centimeters from each other when the width of the rows is 70-80 cm. These classes include «the tower», «Start 1» etc.

At what distance to plant the peppers in the greenhouse

Peppers — quite a thermophilic culture, so in an average strip of Russia it is better to grow them in greenhouses and hotbeds. The width of the beds in the greenhouse should be within one meter (to make it easier to loosen the earth and to water the plants). As for planting, for growing peppers, which gives small fruit plants can be planted at a distance of 20-25 centimeters from each other, in other cases — not less than 40 centimeters. In General, peppers are very fond of «freedom», so if you have the opportunity, not sagashite landing. In the future, and you yourself will be easier to care for plants: water them, fertilize, loosen the earth.

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