How to shave with an electric razor?

The use of the electric shaver is familiar to many modern men. But there are many newcomers, whose experience in the handling of such a device is minimal. Sometimes a man does not keep the shaver in his hands. To try to exploit this device at any time, but the mere desire to get new experience of shaving, of course, little need to also be able with this device to apply correctly. How to shave with an electric razor?

Main types of electric shavers

First, a quick theoretical digression on the topic of what are basically electric shavers and what are the advantages of each of their varieties.

The modern market of devices of the type under consideration presents the two most popular device types — foil and rotary. Both are equally available, comparable in price and basic functionality. If you know where to buy an electric shaver for the best price, the device of any type will not disappoint you.

But the principal difference between foil and rotary devices have, and it can be traced in many aspects. It will be useful to study them.

Features foil shavers

Many men prefer to shave with an electric razor grid. What is the reason?

Oddly enough, with the fact that the majority of models of devices of this type have a feature that they are not able to provide a completely smooth shave. Yes, such devices are in any case left on the skin of the person shaving small spikes of hair.

However, fans foil shaver absolutely do not find this feature critical. It’s simple: light, barely visible stubble is in fashion today. And not only today is in fact the «classic face» of men at all times.

Arranged grid of shavers just. They include:

  • a fixed knife having a large number of holes (actually representing a grid — hence the name of the device);
  • the movable knife, performing at a minimum distance from a fixed reciprocating motion with a frequency of several times per second.
  • Mesh electric shaver almost no effect on the skin and prevents the appearance of irritation. Therefore, when applied, as a rule, it is not necessary to use additional cosmetics — whether it be gel, foam or conditioner.

    Features of rotary electric shavers

    Rotary devices are designed to provide just the ultimate in smooth shave, comparable to what can be achieved when using the «classic» razor with blades. This format is shaving, in principle, not less popular, than the one that involves leaving on the skin a light «classic» bristle — that’s why the popular rotary shaver is not less than grid.

    The design of modern rotary shaver presents:

  • fixed blades, but not in the form of a grid, and in the form of a disc;
  • movable knives, located directly under the first and rotating in a circle — that is, on the rotary principle.
  • The moving mechanisms of the device, as a rule, very active in contact with the skin, so shave rotary shaver is recommended with the use of special cosmetics.

    What type of electric shavers is better extremely controversial. The choice of device depends on various factors:

  • type of skin, level of sensitivity to external shocks (possibly taking into account the recommendations of specialists);
  • the individual’s preferences regarding the desirability of the use or non-use of additional means for shaving (grid due to poor exposure to the skin, as we noted above, not so strongly irritates her, because the use of special equipment may not require);
  • the individual preferences of the person in terms of following fashion, style, demands at work (in some companies a light stubble is an undeniable bonus, in others prohibited, almost officially).
  • So, the razor selected. Now we will explore the nuances of its practical operation.

    Preparation for shaving

    Before actually shaving, it is better to perform some preparatory steps.

    So, in order to be able to shave with an electric razor without irritation, it is necessary to prepare for this procedure the skin. The first thing is to moisten it. It is best to do it using a towel: you need to wet it in warm or hot water, gently wring out, then wipe the face with slight pressure. Then it is advisable to let the skin dry so that the razor more effectively captured the hairs, gel, foam, or air conditioning in their use evenly across the bristles.

    Conducted training in the mentioned algorithm, we can start the main procedure directly shaving.

    «Dry» and «wet» methods of shaving

    Depending on personal preference, skin type, or the recommendations of a dermatologist or cosmetologist shave using electric shaver can be:

    • «dry»;
    • «moist».

    Not all modern models of electric shavers allow you to apply both methods. Before buying the devices or the beginning of its use is to make sure, read the instructions to the device or a description of him online that it is compatible with the preferred method of shaving.

    During the «dry» method shaving (especially if it involves rotary shaver) need to be prepared for a more active than in the application grid razor, the contact of blade with skin. Just in case you should keep a special disinfecting lotion. If at the conclusion of shaving, there are noticeable discomfort, it is necessary immediately to take advantage of this means that the top layer of the skin, slightly damaged blade, could in a short time to recover.

    In turn, the «wet» shave with an electric razor suggests the use of gel, foam or conditioner. Their particular type and brand always selected individually, sometimes, again, subject to the Board of dermatologist or cosmetologist.

    It makes sense to familiarize yourself with the guidelines on the application of a shaving product contained in the manual or on thematic portals in the Network. It happens that one brand of the gel or foam is more effective when applied to the skin of the hands, others using special brushes.

    From a technical point of view the procedure of shaving is familiar to most modern men and there is no reason to go into its details. But on some of the nuances that characterize specifically the use of electric shavers, attention to pay still stands.

    The shaving process: what you should keep in mind?

    On the details of shaving procedures is influenced by many factors. Matter how long the person has facial hair, which locations he wants to shave them, and what to leave. You must pay attention to the individual characteristics of the hair — the color, hardness, density. But in General the sequence of actions a shaving will be like this:

  • first given the stubble from his cheeks — smooth movements to the chin and back;
  • in the second place, shaving the neck from throat to chin and back;
  • in the last turn to handle mustache: if you need to shave it as closely as possible, with wet shaving, you may apply a supplementary volume of the gel; when the «bottom» — led by the razor mustache should be slow.
  • If the electric grid, it is recommended to do mainly movements from top to bottom and Vice versa. If the rotary device, more effective circular motion. But this is the recommended approach, based on the fact that many people follow him. In any case, here everything is very individual.

    In the process of shaving is not recommended to press hard on the skin. If you are using grid razor, it will not significantly improve the quality of shaving, but will take extra time. If you use a rotary device — a shaving will only get unnecessary skin irritation.

    Upon completion of the main part of the procedure must be carefully wash your face. If it is left untreated plots, while skin is wet, quickly go through them without the use of special tools. If you find damage to the top layer of skin — you should immediately process them with a disinfectant lotion.

    At the end of the procedure is necessary to put on the skin cream or lotion after shaving and wait until they soak in. If the window is winter or the cold season, you may have to wait a little and exit to the street: some of the relevant type of cosmetic products are not designed for sharp change of the ambient temperature. But, as a rule, reflected in the instructions is therefore requested to read them too useful.

    Storing the shaver and skincare

    As is the case with any other technologically sophisticated equipment, the razor also needs care. It also must be properly stored. Upon completion of the shave should (especially if the procedure was wet) to clean the shaver head under running water from the tap, previously having taken out the cord if it is used. After — allow unit to dry and then lubricate the blades with a special tool-aerosol (the best brand you can pick up by contacting the consultant on-line or offline store where you purchased the device).

    To keep the shaver must first of all, in a dry and not too humid place. Optimally, if it is a Cabinet in the living room. If the shaver is rechargeable, does not make sense to charge her for the future, long before the time of shaving — the battery will have time to decline, and the device is likely going to have to connect to the socket. This operation, in turn, will reduce the lifespan of the battery because it is designed for a certain number of cycles of charging and discharging.

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