Cream LumActive from bruises and wrinkles around the eyes: price and where to buy, reviews

The enchanting look of a woman – alluring, mysterious – attracts the attention of men no less than beautiful Breasts or a slim figure. And if the gleam in his eyes depends on the mood and well-being, perfectly smooth skin is the result of hard work and evidence of grooming girls. Cream LumActive from bruises and wrinkles gives the skin around the eyes is delightfully delicate tint, will help hide signs of fatigue. Let us try to understand the reasonableness of such remedies.

The mechanism of action LumActive

The condition of the collagen framework, through which we can boast of the absence/presence of wrinkles, unsightly wrinkles on the face, arms, upper chest and neck requires careful treatment and constant care. Delicate and thin, a rich capillary mesh,the skin around the eyes first respond to developmental changes, internal and external factors. To look young, elegant and attractive will help the cream LumActive that target:

  • to restore the water balance of the epidermis delicate zones;
  • getting rid of bags and puffiness under the eyes;
  • Lynaktivitet structure of the skin due to the impact on the deeper layers of the epidermis;
  • reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles;
  • the use of LumActiveэффективно cream combats dark circles under the eyes.


Polls of visitors of beauty salons, ladies beauty clinics demonstrate increasing demand for skin care around the eyes. More than 50% of «beauty shots» are devoted to this sensitive area. If you are not ready for such drastic procedures, sometimes painful and unpleasant, note the cream Lamactil developed by leading specialists cosmetologists to maintain healthy skin turgor face and around the eyes.

Natural ingredients that are included LumActive, have long been used in the «home cosmetics», giving the woman youth and beauty. The undoubted advantage of the cream is no substance that is habit forming of the epidermis to the regular «make» vitamin cocktails. The presence of a UV filter in Lamactil will protect the skin from harmful sun exposure and bleaching, toning and anti-inflammatory components white Lily, licorice and cucumber will restore your eyes glow, removes signs of fatigue or bruising around the eyes.

In a cream LumActive manufacturers use extracts of plants and herbs:

  1. Marapuama (Muirapuama). It is a natural energy drink that is used in folk medicine of the peoples of Brazil as an aphrodisiac, nootrope tool. Contains flavonoids that stimulate the antioxidant properties of the skin. Being part of LumActive, marapuama relieves swelling and inflammation, nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes with energy, improves the appearance.
  2. Brazilian ginseng (Suma). The miraculous properties of plants familiar to the inhabitants of Brazil from the days of the Indians living in the Amazon and used the Bag as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever. Glycosides found in plants, have antioxidant, energy and restorative properties. Phytosterols in the composition LumActive regulate hormone balance, restore moisture and collagen layer of the skin around the eyes.
  3. Cucumber extract. Most women are familiar with the procedure of eliminating unattractive swelling or bruising under the eyes with… slices of cucumber. Manufacturers Lamactil included the extract of this natural «moisturizer and freshener» in the cream, which has achieved excellent effect of toning the skin. The high content of the «component f» in LumActive using it both for daily care and if necessary to quickly deal with swelling the eye.
  4. The extract of licorice. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and whitening properties of licorice effectively fight age spots, dark circles under the eyes and rashes on the skin in a cream LumActive.
  5. The white Lily extract. Amino acids plants enrich Lamactil the essential skin vitamins and minerals that can withstand age-related changes.

How to apply

At the first sign of aging is the appearance of spider veins wrinkles around the eyes, swelling –LumActive you should use at least 1 time a day. In case you urgently need to cope with traces of fatigue or lack of sleep night, apply to clean, dry skin around the eyes lamactil a thin layer and relax for 10-15 minutes. To maintain the turgor of the skin, replenish water balance, cell regeneration and maintain stocks of elastin, collagen manufacturers recommend to apply the cream twice a day – morning and evening.

How much is cream Lamactil

The majority of care products for face and delicate skin around the eyes are divided into 2 categories: creams, serums and masks for use at home and special equipment for professional care applied by the doctors-cosmetologists at the salon treatments. The latter offer a rich formula that allows you to quickly restore the health of the epidermis and a long time to maintain soft, silky and smooth skin texture.

LumActive combines the best features of professional and home care products. To buy the cream can on the official manufacturer’s website.Regular price jars Lamactil 15 ml is 1,900 rubles In the presence of the shares (as reported additionally on the official Internet resource) you can buy the cream at 50% off or buy 2 packs LumActive for the price of one.

Where to buy

Avoid buying fake, have no quality certificates, with unidentified chemical composition means, don’t buy cream on the house distributors, or through unknown websites that promise low price and high quality of product. To buy genuine LumActive, go to the page the American representative of the manufacturer, sign up and order product. Before you buy, you can get a free online consultation with a dermatologist, esthetician, to obtain complete information about a particular issues. Delivery cream Lamactil is carried out within 1-3 days in most cities of the Russian Federation.

Reviews on wrinkle cream. LumActive

Anna, 27 years old

I always thought that the use of-wrinkle cream will have after 35-40 years. However, after returning from vacation, discovered the appeared wrinkles near the corners of his eyes. Girlfriend gave to try a new cream LumActive to which I felt a certain mistrust. Low price (for quality products), the lack of hyaluronic acid in the composition (I thought that only she is able to make Smorodinka) has caused a lot of issues. However, after a week of use Lamactil I noticed that the window was gone, and even passed the «morning» puffiness under the eyes. Ordered the same cream myself.

Elina, 35 years

Recently, my mother bought me a cream LumActive under the eyes. Before using decided to find out what is this tool and how it operates. After reading many forums with negative and positive feedback, and so could not form an objective opinion. Had to be at your own risk to use LumActive after a sleepless night with the youngest son and having to look the morning at work to «100». The cream has surpassed all expectations – no sign of fatigue, an ideal skin color – has pleased not only me, but also work colleagues, which from that day received a lot of compliments.

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