Benefits of prunes for the body of pregnant women and slimming

Dried fruits have the ability to exert a complex effect on the human body. Regular consumption normalizes the performance of the internal organs and strengthens the immune system. About the benefits prunes, say the nutritionists, beauticians and doctors. On the basis of opinions of experts of different branches, we can conclude that dried plum, due to its composition, identical to pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for the prevention of certain diseases.

The composition and caloric content of prunes

To prepare the dried fruit is used fruits of the highest quality and fully matured. Prunes in composition slightly different from fresh plum, and some properties make it more useful. Dried fruits are consumed in different forms, and their taste is universal. Of them cook delicious fruit drinks, medicinal teas, desserts do add to the cakes, salads or meat dishes.

100 g of dried plums contains:

  • carbohydrates – 57,6 g;
  • fat – 0.6 g;
  • protein – 2.4 g;
  • energy value 240 Kcal.

The composition of dried plums includes:

  • vitamins in different categories;
  • sugar;
  • organic acid;
  • fiber;
  • manganese;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • selenium;
  • fluorine;
  • sodium;
  • iron;
  • zinc.

What prunes useful

Buying dried plums, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances. For the manufacture of dried fruits selected fruits certain degree of maturity. If the production technology is broken, it is beneficial for the body prunes will not, and his acquisition would be a meaningless transfer of funds. In some cases, the use of low-quality drain can harm the health.

How to choose the plums:

  • when dried plum lose moisture, become black and shrivel (traditional appearance);
  • the surface of dried fruits is always a good matte, uniform color (brown indicates the use of boiling water, glossy sheen suggests the use of glycerin, useful such fruits will not);
  • chemical treatment reduces the useful properties of prunes;
  • when tasting dried plums should not be felt bitterness;
  • the fruit should not stain the fingers.

Store dried plum possible using any container with a lid. Plastic bags should not be used (the condensation will cause mold). The place chosen is cool and dark. General shelf life is from 6 months to a year. If the prunes purchased in a sealed package, after its opening it is necessary to move the dried plums in a container or jar with lid.

Medicinal properties

For the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system need regular replenishment of nutrients in the body. Dried plums with such a task handle as efficiently as possible. By potassium, the dried fruits help to improve the functioning of the heart muscle. Eat prunes if you have angina, heartbeat irregularities, low blood pressure or established diagnoses of heart disease.

Than prunes useful for cardiovascular system:

  • negative environmental factors can weaken the immune system of a healthy person, vitamins are included prunes normalize the immune system;
  • has a diuretic property (in diseases of the heart or blood vessels swelling are not uncommon);
  • the vitamins contained in the fruit, normalizes the work of cardiovascular system;
  • b vitamins have a preventive effect on the body to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • dietary fiber helps to eliminate toxins or waste (prevent the formation of blood clots in vessels);
  • magnesium normalizes blood pressure.

The benefits of prunes

Dried plums are used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases not only in medicine, nutrition, and cosmetology. Dried fruits have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, help cleanse the body from harmful substances, improve the appearance of the skin, increase vital tonus. Prunes have bactericidal properties, and normalize the blood pressure. To use this product if you have digestive problems, excess weight, pregnancy and healthy people to improve the General condition.


Fruits rich in calories, but they are among the foods that help fight obesity. With a diet recommended to eat 4-5 dried plums throughout the day. Food must be fractional and balanced. You cannot use prunes for weight loss if it is established diagnoses of diabetes mellitus or obesity. In other cases, the product will help to reduce body weight.

Benefits of prunes for weight loss:

  • normalization of blood sugar level;
  • there is a rapid saturation of the food;
  • normalization of cholesterol level;
  • the function of antidepressant;
  • colon cleansing from harmful substances.

For constipation

Prunes are considered one of the most effective natural laxatives. Constipation leads to a lack of fluid or fiber. Dried fruits replenish nutrients of the body, improving chair. On the effectiveness of dried plums are not inferior to pharmaceutical drugs. The main rule of their use is moderation. When overeating arises a negative effects on the body, there will be diarrhea.

What form to use prunes for constipation:

  • 4-5 fruits before dinner;
  • prune juice throughout the day;
  • crushed dried teaspoon thereof, before the evening meal.

During pregnancy

During the period of gestation a pregnant woman needs a high amount of vitamins and mineral elements. Plums are contraindicated in cases of a significant increase in body mass or elevated blood sugar. Without these factors, consuming it is not only possible, but necessary. Negative impact on the body has excessive introduction of dried fruits into the diet. Side effects are disorders of the chair or an allergic reaction.

The benefits of prunes during pregnancy:

  • the normalization of the musculature of the bowel (disorders occur due to hormonal changes);
  • prevention of anemia and avitaminosis (traditional companions of pregnancy);
  • the exception of constipation, the normalization process of digestion;
  • enrichment of the organism in organic acids, vitamins and useful microelements.


Using prunes is banned in rare cases. The main contraindication is individual intolerance to the components or the presence of allergic reaction to all varieties of dried fruit. It is not recommended that dried plum in the diet of women throughout the lactation period. A negative consequence may be the emergence of eating disorders in infants.

Prunes are contraindicated in the presence of the following diseases:

  • obesity (fruits contain high amount of sugar);
  • hypotension (dried plums lower blood pressure);
  • diabetes mellitus (due to sugar).

Excessive consumption of prunes leads to diarrhea, increased blood sugar (may be a problem with excess weight), the emergence of allergies or abnormalities of the digestive system. Feed the child dried plums are not worth it. Better to replace them compote, which according to the properties of weakening the intestines not inferior to the dill water.

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