Means to get rid of sweating and foot odor: how to get rid of hyperhidrosis

Sweaty feet all adults, this is normal. So the body gets rid of excess heat and products of metabolism. In a healthy person, fluid, secreted skin glands that occurs during physical activity, heat, with agitation. Hygiene – the surest means of sweating and foot odor. However, it is not always adopted by a shower or clean socks save the situation. Sometimes the «aroma» coming from shoes, talking about medical problems.

Why are sweating feet

The bad smell comes only from those who forget about hygiene, this is what many people looking askance at friends, exuding a «scent». The sweat of a healthy person – even a very concentrated, even a very «male» – no odor. The secret of skin glands is 98% water, the remaining 2% are chemical substances, including proteins and lipids, which love to breed bacteria. So the reason for the stench is the result of the activity of microorganisms, and not the sweat.

You regularly take a shower, frequently change clothes, wear comfortable shoes, do not respect the artificial leatherette and other materials, and your socks are constantly wet from sweat? Then engage in the examination of the body. Strong sweating of the feet, an unpleasant odor arises when:

  • cancer;
  • failures in the endocrine system;
  • stress;
  • athlete’s foot;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • rickets (when from excessive sweating suffer a child).

How to get rid of athlete’s foot and odor

About 80% of Russian citizens, polls show, start the battle with an unpleasant odor with a generous spraying body deodorant. Well, shy of the average person to complain to the doctor for foot odor. Understanding the causes sometimes comes too late. Man goes into hospital for a running athlete or missed in the early stages of hormonal disorder.

Selection of shoes

With female logic, when the ladies come for winter shoes and leave with shoes on high heels, everything is clear. However, not all men can boast of the right choice: often, they buy shoes a couple of sizes larger. No, not for growth. Increasing the size will automatically increase the width of the Shoe, so it feels that it sits better. When choosing shoes, remember:

  1. Great shoes increase pressure on the joints.
  2. Wearing shoes smaller deforms the foot, leading to «varicose veins», increases sweating and foot odor.
  3. By evening, the foot of man «gutter», so grab your shoes in the time of day that you’re going to wear. Ideally.
  4. When fitting shoes definitely in her walk – walk foot man a little longer.
  5. Forget about the shoes from synthetic fabrics: leather «breathes» and during wear imitates the foot of a particular person.
  6. If you do not want to abandon heels, choose at least comfortable shoes. The wearing of stiletto heels from the reduced calf and even cheekbones, but with head held high – not heroism, but self-mutilation.
  7. Even comfortable shoes with heels, wear no more than 4 hours.
  8. Do not change your shoes with friends. Shoes is personal.
  9. Necessarily after every wear dry winter or demi-season shoes, get insoles.
  10. Keep work shoes.
  11. Membrane shoes can only be worn with socks or well received that contain synthetics. The coat is associated with a membrane – this combination of cold and hot and sweaty feet.


Even people who do not suffer from foot odor, should maintain good hygiene. If you have excessive sweating, the smell of the extremities, especially remember these rules:

  • wash your feet twice a day is the minimum;
  • after exercising take a shower;
  • when washing the feet don’t forget the soap;
  • after water treatment be sure to RUB the towel put on clean underwear and shoes;
  • to not get infected by fungus, in any public place go to the Shoe;
  • eat less acidic, spicy foods, sometimes the sweat has an unpleasant smell due to improper eating behavior.

Professional get rid of the smell of feet and shoes

If you are sure that hyperhidrosis and unpleasant smell – not the result of selecting the wrong footwear or poor hygiene, go to a dermatologist. The doctor will exclude the presence of fungal lesions of the feet, prescribe appropriate treatment or will direct you to another specialist – an endocrinologist. This doctor will report on the presence or absence of hormonal abnormalities. To identify the cause of athlete’s foot, unpleasant odors did not work? Then get ready for what the doctors will offer you to reduce sweating injection of Botox, to do electrophoresis or even surgery.

Medical and sanitary preparations

Medical treatment is prescribed depending on the causes of sweating and bad odor. If it’s about the lack of zinc, you will offer the vitamins, when athlete’s will prescribe antifungal drugs. Well kill bacteria and dry the skin of the feet following means:

  1. «The cream». A great ointment for foot odor and sweating, do not have their own smell. So you can use it even during the day. Helps to get rid of high humidity feet even in one application.
  2. The lavender oil. Has a pungent, pleasant smell though, it is better to use at night. Included in the creams. Not so quickly get rid of hyperhidrosis, but it will cure athlete’s foot.
  3. «Teymurova paste» will help to reduce the activity of microbes. The course of treatment – no more than 4 days.
  4. Spray «Formigran» feet won’t smell after one use. First remove dirt, then spray the foot spray. Is the drug – 14-20 rubles.

Massage and gymnastics

Stroking of the skin and therapeutic exercise may also be a good remedy against perspiration and foot odor. However, only in the case when the hyperhidrosis is not associated with fungal infection. The foot massage is carried out 4 times a week, best exercises to do daily. That, and the other – after the hygiene procedures. To remove excessive sweating and smell can proper organization of the working day.

Folk remedies for sweating and foot odor

If the doctor told how to get rid of foot odor and sweating, but drugs seem too expensive, you can try folk remedies. They are not inferior in efficiency fashionable drugs, and are cheaper. To eliminate increased sweating will help powders, ointments, essential oils, «green pharmacy», vinegar, burnt alum, ubiquitous tablets «Indications».


These tools will save you from hyperhidrosis, unpleasant foot odor, and can be a great method of relaxation:

  • Wormwood. Bitter herb will help to deal with sweating and foot odor. A glass of wormwood you will need two liters of very hot water. Steep for 10 minutes, twice time take on the procedure itself.
  • Daisy. Foot bath from the infusion of chamomile will relieve you from bad breath. 4 cups of flowers will need 2 liters of boiling water. Keep your feet in the broth until it cools down.
  • Sage. The plant, like the previous one, the storm not only angina, but also true to get rid of the smell in shoes and sweaty feet. 2 tablespoons herb pour 3.5 cups of boiling water. Let it cool, put it into a basin of the feet.


  • The soothing collection. This broth can be used in the form of baths and inside. Take 2 tablespoons of sage, nettle, mint. Grass pour 2 cups boiling water, boil for a minute. Inside – prandial (1-2 times daily), baths do against odor only at night.
  • Oak bark. Cleans well sweating, foot odor. In 1 liter of boiling water, add 4 tbsp of bark, boil 5 min., let stand. To do at night for a whole week.
  • The rose hips. Pour the berries in cold water (1/2 Cup per liter of liquid). Simmer for 15 min. (fire must be weak). The same amount of time, let it brew broth, then dilute it with 2 liters of hot water. To treat the feet from the odor you have 20 minutes.


Left baby powder? Send antiseptic that perfectly dries the skin against wet feet and an unpleasant odor. After a shower dry your feet well, liberally sprinkle foot powder, well working through the interdigital space. Wear socks and warm the feet with a Hairdryer. Can use this method for the night or during the day. Rinse with hot water. Absorbs moisture and prevents odour:

  • potato starch;
  • talc;
  • the boric acid powder;
  • mix salt, cornstarch and soda.

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