Diathesis in infants in the face: symptoms, causes and treatment

Birth parents have lots of concerns, which include not only the daily care of the baby and its development, but also timely response to problems with children’s health. If there is a newborn diathesis, the treatment must be immediate as weak and not fully formed immune system is not able to resist external triggers.

What is diathesis

Diathesis characterizes allergic to food ingredients occurs during breast or artificial feeding. This is not an independent disease, diathesis correct to call the body’s reaction to allergen, penetrating with mother’s milk. In the presence of allergic diathesis in infants in the skin rash appears. In medical practice this pathological process is called «exudative-catarrhal or allergic».

When properly selected treatment diathesis in infants can be successfully treated, inactivity is the child progressing complications. Skin rash eventually modified in atopic dermatitis, prone to chronicity, and the patient becomes a perpetual allergies with frequent relapses. Therefore, it is important to bring the allergen from the child’s body, remove outer defects, to normalize food.

Types of diathesis newborns

If the Pope or the cheeks of an infant with skin rash that itches – these are the first symptoms of the disease. To start effective therapy diathesis in the child and properly administer the drug, the doctor must determine what caused such a reaction. Depending on the primary allergen doctors has developed the following conditional classification of this disease:

  1. Contact diathesis. The problem child is in direct contact of the skin with allergens, which can make personal hygiene products, clothes and even wet wipes.
  2. Respiratory diathesis. The problem with the child health causes child’s stay in a dusty environment and the violation of sanitary norms in case of accommodation in the same area with babies Pets (a reaction to the wool, fluff).
  3. Nervous-arthritic diathesis. The child’s disease occurs when metabolism on the background of instability of the Central nervous system. Dangerous condition which doesn’t exclude inflammation of the joints, health problems in adulthood.
  4. Allergic diathesis. The clinical picture in this child’s body has high sensitivity to irritating factors, the propensity to inflammatory diseases, a weakened immune system.
  5. Lymphatico-hypoplastic diathesis. A dangerous condition caused by a dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, underdevelopment of the thymus. In this disorder, the children often suffer from infectious diseases, enlarged lymph nodes.

The reasons for the development

Red cheeks in infants is a sign of internal imbalance of the child’s body. Diathesis at the child progresses spontaneously, has its eloquent symptoms, requires immediate treatment. Before you can assign intensive therapy, the physician must clinical by identifying the main allergen, eliminate it from the child’s life. Causes of diathesis can be:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • improper nutrition of the mother during pregnancy (abuse of allergenic products);
  • taking the individual medications;
  • the transition to an artificial mixture;
  • early termination of breastfeeding;
  • chronic diseases during gestation.

Characteristic signs

The Allergy on the face is the first sign of diathesis, which not only causes discomfort, but also makes the patient fretful, tearful, very irritable. Red spots appear on the cheeks and spanking, do not go without treatment more than a month. As to the age of the medication is strictly limited, before treatment diathesis in a newborn is required to seek the advice of a pediatrician.

As additional symptoms such change in the General condition of the child:

  • dryness and peeling of the skin;
  • the rash and scales yellowish on the head;
  • inflammation of the mucous membranes;
  • spots on the body start to get wet;
  • violations of the chair;
  • excessive irritability.

How to treat diathesis in a child

To get rid of skin rash on face and body of the child, you need to remove the main allergen, and this should pass inspection. The scheme of intensive therapy diathesis at the child’s local pediatrician prescribes, surface self-medication does not help but aggravates the clinical picture. The changes must touch not only the life of the child, but may also affect the usual diet of mothers during lactation.

A balanced diet

If the child is breastfed, the woman should take light soups with beef and chicken, and avoid fatty meats. Be sure to include in the diet of steam cutlets, boiled vegetables or beef tongue, green varieties of apples, eggs in limited quantities. Coarse fiber is completely eliminated, otherwise the child have intestinal problems, the baby will look sluggish and painful.

Lure the child properly administered not earlier than 6 months, and the first in a new menu should be vegetable puree. When the children’s digestion adapts to these ingredients, it’s time to think about the variety of the daily diet. By 8 months the child should cook the soup on beef broth, to make low-fat stew with the second course. On the introduction of solid foods allergens and speech can not be, otherwise the red spots on the body provided with.

Drug therapy

Medication needed to reduce the intensity of symptoms, speedy recovery. At the pharmacy you can always buy ointment diathesis, but an important preliminary consultation with the pediatrician. Shown the following treatment:

  1. Antihistamines to reduce the foci of pathology in diathesis – «Fenistil», «Tavegil», «Suprastin».
  2. Probiotics to improve digestion of the child «Linex», «Bifidobakterin».
  3. Depressants to reduce hyperexcitability in diathesis – tea with fennel, «Nervoheel».
  4. Hormonal and non-hormonal ointments, creams – «Elokim», «Advantan».

Folk remedies

Effective medicine products you can make at home, and the effectiveness of such funds is not lower than the official pharmaceutical product. You want to dry the egg shells, isolate it into powder, pour into a glass bowl. For the treatment to take portion at the tip of the knife and, like soda, in quenching lemon juice. To give the child daily until the disappearance of the alarming symptoms.

Doctors recommend a liter of water steamed 7-8 Bay leaves, boil for 5-7 minutes on low heat, and then add a handful of dried rose hips and push the part all night. After straining to give the baby the broth for 6-8 drops at a time, do not discontinue therapy until complete recovery. Medicine hypoallergenic, perfect for baby from birth.

Prevention diathesis

In order to avoid complications of allergic reactions in the newborn, the woman should avoid forbidden products even when bearing fruit. The power to choose a complete and balanced, do not overload the digestive tract of the child is still in utero. It is important to abandon bad habits, to observe sanitary norms and elementary rules of asepsis.

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