What is enterobiasis in adults and children: symptoms and treatment

Intestinal diseases are especially dangerous: in the organism parasitize disease-causing microbes, disrupting microflora, condition of mucous membranes. What is a enterobiasis, known to many parents. The lack of adequate treatment leads to chronic diseases of the stomach, impairs the overall health of the patient.

General characteristics of the disease

Enterobiasis is a disease caused by the active pinworms. It causes dangerous parasitic pathogen. From the Greek name «enterobius vermicularis» is translated as vermis – worm, enteron – intestine, bios – life. Pinworms in the environment lay an enormous number of eggs of high viability. In the body of accepisti be in the digestive system, destroying microflora. Spontaneously, the disease progresses, the immune system cannot cope with the parasite.

The infection

Because pinworm eggs spread in the environment, the higher the risk of infection of enterobiasis failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene. When swallowing a microbe enters the small intestine, then appear in the digestive tract worms. Microorganisms first time does not manifest itself, but in a month pinworms become active, proliferate, promote intoxication. Felt the first symptoms of enterobiasis, reducing the patient’s quality of life.

The clinical picture

The obvious symptoms of pinworms, enterobiasis easy to identify. The main signs of pathology in the human body as follows:

  • sudden loss of appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • increased fatigue;
  • oppression CNS;
  • itching of the anus;
  • allergic reactions;
  • teeth grinding;
  • incontinence of urine at night.

The baby looks healthy, but its behavior changes dramatically. He’s often capricious, is behaving irritable, often fidgeting booty on the chair. To understand what the cause of the disease, required laboratory study of pinworms. Washout on enterobiasis clarifies the clinical picture, aims to eliminate chronic disease, helps to facilitate the well-being of the child.

Pinworms in children

Causes enterobiasis in children is obvious: children may bring pinworms unwashed hands. Under the nails remain helminth eggs from the environment. First time parents are not aware about the infection, but over time, changing the chair, break with the usual color of feces. Itchy feeling in the anus confirm the speculation about a progressive enterobiasis. Alarming appearance of a skin rash in the absence of allergen.

Pinworms in adults

As they Mature in the human organism progresses less and less enterobiasis – the risk of infection is minimal. The development of pathogenic flora is caused by reduced immunity, but simple prevention measures exclude the penetration of the worms, pinworms. Should alert:

  • the discomfort in the intestines;
  • nausea in the morning;
  • life dissatisfaction;
  • systematic migraine attacks.


Analysis on enterobiasis determinative laboratory study to determine increased activity of pinworms in the intestine. You need to pass it in the initial symptoms, when the disease manifests itself in acute form. Another method of diagnosis was scraping on enterobiasis, which defines:

  • character pinworms;
  • the spread of parasitic flora;
  • the presumable clinical outcome.


Each patient’s problem concerns the main question: how to cure pinworms. First of all it is important to identify the pathogenic factor that causes relapse as soon as possible to get rid of it. A condition where the patient finds out what such disease enterobiasis, and behave as pinworms in the gut, unpleasant. After the examination and determine the root cause, the doctor prescribes an effective treatment. Often an integrated approach is needed.


Pills pinworms are assigned individually with prior reservation duration, peculiarities of admission. Below is a list of effective drugs in enterobioze. This:

  • Vermox;
  • A worm;
  • Nematol;
  • Decaris.

Folk remedies

Proven and really effective against enterobiasis are white seeds, onion, salt. For the manufacture of medicines for pinworms:

  • Seeds should be cleaned, pound into crumbs, mix with vegetable oil to the state of viscous slurry. Take on an empty stomach a teaspoon daily, to eat after 3 hours. The result will please after 3-4 days of regular use.
  • You must get the juice from onion bulbs, drink it 2 times a day 10-15 drops. To treat pinworms in children easy onion concentrate is allowed to add in food little patient, you can take it for prevention. For long term use treatment pinworms completely eliminates the problem.
  • Prepare the salt solution. Effective remedy for enterobiasis: a teaspoon of sodium chloride – Cup of boiled pods. Mix and drink in equal portions during the day, continue for 3-4 days. To not spread pinworms, it is important to handle personal hygiene and use a little patient.

Treatment of pinworms in adults

To get rid of enterobiasis, recommended an infusion of wormwood according to the recipe on the package. To take the composition 3 times per day until complete disappearance of disturbing symptoms. This tool, for medical reasons necessarily antimicrobial therapy. Consider taking anthelmintic drug Neosol or its analogs against pinworms.

During pregnancy and lactation methods of official medicine against enterobiasis contraindicated. Women have to be treated folk remedies recognized. As an option, the doctors propose to take soda or salt solution. On treatment results requires repeat testing of feces for determining the positive dynamics of the disease.

Than to treat pinworms in children

If the smear confirmed enterobiasis the little patient should not be delayed with intensive therapy. It requires preparation and a depuration enema with subsequent prescription of deworming drugs, sorbents. Rules:

  • The baby requires to be accustomed to the observance of rules of personal hygiene. Need to trim your nails, to handle infected linen.
  • The cycle of anthelminthic drugs in enterobioze will have to continue for 5-7 days, after which it is shown re laboratory study.


Many parents know what insidious enterobiasis. To avoid infection in childhood, it is needed to process the vegetables and fruits before eating, to strengthen a weakened immune system, to observe basic rules of personal hygiene. In the photo you can see the pathogens to see: enterobiasis can pick up every the most trivial way – through direct contact with an invisible parasite.

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