A pain reliever for a toothache: what strong pills to drink at home

The emergence of exhausting, grueling toothache known to everyone. The condition in which it is difficult to think, never work, cause discomfort. Much torment of a sleepless night a sore tooth in the morning and the whole head. Even worse, if this happens with the child. Native is ready to do everything to reduce their suffering, especially when he’s teething. He’s crying, can’t sleep and eat. How to choose a pain reliever for a toothache for care of adult and child? Let’s see, what drugs to take to not harm the body.

What to do for toothache

If you have a toothache, you should schedule a visit to the doctor. Any pain methods eliminate the symptoms, but do not produce treatment. Running the disease, you will get complications, you will lose the tooth. Should be considered contraindications to the use. You will provide first aid to yourself and your child using:

  • medicinal preparations in tablet form;
  • injections;
  • homeopathic remedies;
  • candles;
  • gels;
  • rinse;
  • acupressure;
  • folk remedies.

How to relieve the pain from the tooth

In order to stop a toothache, it is important to know the reasons why it occurs. Each case requires its own method of treatment that will help in a particular situation. Cause such pain causes:

  • teething in babies;
  • the sensitivity of the enamel;
  • caries;
  • pulpitis;
  • inflammation of the gums after tooth extraction;
  • flux;
  • injury;
  • hypothermia;
  • stress, excitement.

Many medications have contraindications, so their use should be agreed with the doctor. To get rid of pain, is recommended:

  • take anti-inflammatories – Nurofen, Ketanov;
  • to drink pain pills – Nise, Pentalgin;
  • dilute in water and drink the powder Nimisila;
  • when severe pain is to have an injection of Diclofenac, Ketorol;
  • use the gel «Solkoseril», «Dentil», «Calgel»;
  • to brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste, Mexidol – if the sensitivity of the teeth;
  • to use homeopathic remedies;
  • to apply folk remedies.

Pain pills

The most popular means for pain relief teeth used in the form of tablets:

  1. You can quickly stop a seizure if you take analgin is a medicine that in any pharmacy at an affordable price.
  2. Very quickly anesthetizes the medication Baralgin, which should drink water in large quantities. It is not advised to take in bronchial asthma, kidney disease, liver.
  3. Relieves pain of Actualid, but it is not recommended for high pressure, diabetes.

Many effective drugs should be taken only on doctor’s prescription. For example, this:

  • NAVIGON – anti-inflammatory effect, reduces nagging pain, lowers the temperature. You cannot take more than 5 days.
  • Decalin – used for mild symptoms. Has contraindications for children.
  • Aspirin – relieves the attack reduces the temperature. Use strictly after meals, washed down with milk.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs great relieve painful symptoms, swelling, inflammation. They are not recommended in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Have contraindications to children and pregnant women. These include:

  • «Nise»;
  • «Ketorol»;
  • «Ketanov»;
  • «Diclofenac».

When aching tooth

If you have a nagging toothache, getting rid of it is possible, if you take drugs that relieves spasms. In this situation it is very efficient: no-Spa, Drotaverine, NAVIGON. For best results they recommend to use with analgesics. If you are with a sick tooth can’t sleep, you should get a shot of the three components in the same syringe:

  • Dipyrone;
  • Of papaverine;
  • Of diphenhydramine.

In acute dental pain

When there is an acute toothache, and get to the dentist is not really, will be a popular drugs Analgin, Paracetamol». They are available in every first aid kit. Great show as «Naiza», «Ketonal». It is important to know that these drugs can’t treat. They only relieve symptoms. At the first opportunity you must see a doctor. If the tooth is carious cavity, – there lay turunda soaked dental drops. Help and folk remedies. To relieve acute pain in the cavity lay a piece of propolis, ground garlic. I advise you to rinse and hold in mouth vodka with salt.

Drugs in pregnancy

Dental disease in pregnant women – a special case. At this time the skeleton is formed from the baby and from the mother’s body is actively taken calcium, which leads to tooth decay. Women in this situation need to carefully monitor the oral cavity, because of the severely limited list of medicines to receiving. If it happened that it is impossible to go to the dentist, recommend rinsing with salt or baking soda. To abate the pain will help the cotton wool soaked pine oil, which is placed in the tooth cavity.

If you require the use of medications is done only in consultation with a gynecologist. To quench toothache, inflammation helps the Paracetamol and Nurofen. Assign them in the first and second trimester. Prohibited highly active drugs Diclofenac, Ketorol. Can reduce pain compress of novocaine, but it should not be done without the consent of the gynecologist. At the first opportunity you should visit the dentist to get the teeth in order.

Folk remedies

Any treatment of dental pain should start with the use of folk remedies. Good at relieving the painful symptoms attachment to the gum near the tooth propolis, leaf Kalanchoe. Effectively there are tampons with an aqueous solution of Shilajit, pine oil. There are other effective prescriptions. Recommend you lay in a hollow tooth swabs soaked:

  • the oil of cloves;
  • cognac, vodka;
  • Valerian;
  • camphor alcohol.

Help to stop a toothache rinse. Hold them several times during the day. Here is one of the recipes:

  • take a large spoonful of chicory root;
  • add a Cup of boiling water;
  • pour the lemon juice – a teaspoon;
  • leave for 20 minutes;
  • drain.

Another means for rinsing. For its preparation:

  • mix 30 grams of peppermint, lemon balm, oregano;
  • pour half a liter of boiling water;
  • hold 5 minutes on the fire;
  • drain.

Homeopathy for sore tooth

If a sore tooth, to deal with the symptoms in adults will help homeopathic medicines. They don’t have a lot of contraindications. In consultation with the doctor can use painkillers pregnant. The action of drugs aimed at eliminating the pain, caused by various factors. Any effective homeopathic pain reliever for a toothache of these:

  • «Aconite» – when cause is cold.
  • «Coffee» – if the pain is due to stress, nervous disorders;
  • «Arnika» has been working in trauma, shock;
  • «NOx moshata» able to quench the pain, when the tooth ache in bad weather.

What to give a child from a toothache

When a toothache at the kid, the parents, especially, need to see your mouth to understand what’s bothering. Sometimes it is necessary to rinse your mouth with soda solution or sage to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. If the cause of the painful condition, tooth decay or inflammation, you should take into account that drugs for pain it is not treated. Be sure to visit the dentist.

At home should start treatment with folk remedies. There are very few pain meds from dental pain who have no contraindications for the child. Put into the hollow tooth cotton wool with eucalyptus oil or crushed cloves. Calm the pain a piece of bacon, which put to the affected area. If the baby teeth erupt, to alleviate the condition will help a special gel for a toothache. Medication should not be given to a child only in exceptional cases.


How much suffering delivers parents the crying baby when he’s teething. If the temperature rises, can help «Nurofen for children». It will reduce the inflammation, soothe the painful symptoms. To ease the condition, when teething, can gel for a toothache. He acts very quickly. Medications applied to inflamed gums, reduce pain, in addition:

  • Calgel is antiseptic;
  • Cholisal gel – anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Kamistad Baby gel – penetrates tissue, reduces itching.
  • To reduce pain in young children during teething it is recommended to use homeopathic remedies:
  • Denting of baby drops in the container 1 dose. Apply no more than 3 times per day;
  • Traumel With the ointment based on herbal ingredients, analgesic, eliminates swelling, itching.
  • Viburkol – candles, put on the night, has anti-inflammatory, reduce the temperature.

If very sore tooth

If your child has unbearable pain in my tooth and immediately go to the dentist is not possible, help out Ibufen. Available in the form of syrup or capsules. The active substance – ibuprofen – reduces pain, reduces the temperature. Effectively relieves the state of the Paracetamol. You should carefully read the instructions to the drugs for each age group defined its dosage. After 15 years, the child is allowed to give Ketonal for relieving symptoms. Get rid of a toothache will help the aspirin, wrapped in cotton wool. It is important that it not get onto the gums – otherwise it will burn.

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Anna, 25 years: When was pregnant, very sick tooth. To treat it first feared. The gynecologist said pregnant women should not take painkillers for a toothache drugs. Advised to put on the aching tooth a swab of Corvalol and to go to the dentist. The pain has eased, and in the morning I put the seal. Corvalol was anesthetized, I recommend!

Barbara, 27 years: my daughter started to cut teeth, cried a lot, Yes I was upset that I could not loosen the crumb of torment. Well, the pediatrician advised to lubricate the gums means «Kamistad Baby gel». A few times managed to numb and relieve itching. The daughter began to sleep, stopped crying. Mommy, great tool, would recommend!

Tatyana, 56 years: I removed the tooth, and the suppuration is apparently free from infection. Rinsing didn’t help. The dentist prescribed an antibiotic Tsifran, and for reducing the inflammation and pain to make injections of Ketorol. The tooth and cured for a week, the inflammation was able to stop. Pain from a toothache medication helped – but you have to put on doctor’s prescription.

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