Obstructive bronchitis in children and adults: symptoms and treatment

The respiratory system is a unique mechanism that saturates the body with oxygen and protects against infection, toxins, viruses. Failure begins the inflammatory process, known as the syndrome of bronchial obstruction. What is an acute or chronic obstructive bronchitis as a disease and how effectively to get rid of? Full information about this can be found in a small review.

What is obstructive bronchitis

The inflammatory process in the bronchi, in which there is damage of patency of respiratory ways, bronchitis is called. According to ICD 10, a progressive disease leads to impaired ventilation of the lungs, affects the internal organs. Observed the process difficult breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath. There are two forms of bronchitis with obstruction:

  • Acute, common in children after viral infections (influenza, SARS, pneumonia).
  • Chronic, manifested after any stimulus (disease, allergic reactions).


Obstruction of the bronchi in an acute form develops on the background of respiratory viral diseases. A patient had fever, signs of fever, weakness. The main symptom of bronchitis is called obstructive – dry, compulsive cough, which then passes into the wet form. Severe cases of the disease due to the accumulation of pulmonary secretions, mucosal edema characterized by:

  • shortness of breath;
  • wheezing;
  • pitched whistling sound.

The signs of obstructive bronchitis in the chronic form does not appear for a long time. The exacerbation occurs on the background of hypothermia, the effect of disease. Symptoms of bronchitis, which is called obstructive, occurs as a result of complications depends on the level of involvement of the respiratory system:

  • strong, suffocating cough;
  • scanty sputum becomes purulent character;
  • shortness of breath with a whistle.


There are many factors that cause bronchitis with obstruction:

  • inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx;
  • allergies;
  • poisoning;
  • burns, injuries of the respiratory organs;
  • genetic predisposition (lack of antitripsina);
  • age (the risk groups include children and the elderly);
  • tumors, bronchi, trachea;
  • recurrent viral infections.

There are other points: unhealthy lifestyle (smokers and alcohol abusers) affects all body functions, and poor environmental conditions and work in hazardous industries could contribute to the development of respiratory diseases. In addition, the presence of chemical stimuli easily affect the appearance of symptoms of bronchitis: if time does not eliminate the allergen, asthmatic bronchitis turns into bronhoobstrukciei.

How to treat obstructive bronchitis in adults and children

The main objective in the treatment of bronchitis, labeled as obstructive, is the localization of the underlying disease, and relief of consequences of respiratory patency. For this excluded all stimuli, the effect of which adversely affects the condition of the patient. In the acute form of bronchitis OS obstruction in children under one year is recommended to release the respiratory tract from secretions and accumulated mucus by applying a vibration massage.

Folk remedies

Experienced doctors prescribe complex therapy, which includes traditional medicines as an additional tool. Remember: with this serious disease, like bronchitis, you cannot rely solely on herbs. It is forbidden to self-medicate: all the drug is prescribed by a doctor. Natural remedies help thinning and removal of phlegm.

Aloe juice has amazing properties, it is used in severe diseases (including bronchitis) as an additional means:

  • 500 g of fresh leaves grind in a blender or grinder;
  • in the resulting mass add honey and Cahors (in equal proportions);
  • mix thoroughly;
  • infuse it for 14 days;
  • take 18 grams before meals (not more than three times).

Bronchitis to stop an attack of suffocating cough recommend warm milk with the addition of 10 drops of propolis, and the juice of turnip with honey will help the liquefaction of sputum for the disease, so take it several times a day a teaspoon. Auxiliary means in chronic bronchitis is the collection of medicinal herbs which is infused with 60 minutes:

  • motherwort;
  • eucalyptus;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • nettle.

Thyme is known for its multiroom properties, so it is widely used in recipes of traditional medicine as an additional tool in bronchitis and pulmonary diseases. A decoction of the stalks of the plant three times a day take two tablespoons before meals:

  • 15 g of raw pour a glass of hot liquid;
  • place a container on a steam bath (at least 15 minutes);
  • when the tool has cooled, strain through cheesecloth.


The syndrome of bronchial obstruction with a bacterial infection and purulent sputum is treated only potent antibiotics. The task of the therapist (pediatrician in the case of a newborn) will be the elimination of the source of the disease. The course lasts for 5-7-10-14 days. Type of medicines, their dosage appointed by the doctor individually, so do not trust the advertising or the advice of friends. Additionally, for bronchitis with obstruction prescribed drugs with bifidus bacteria to restore the microflora of the stomach.

Features of treatment of obstructive bronchitis

  • If a person has a strong immune system then the healing process will take on average 14 days.
  • In the elderly due to age-related changes increases the duration of recovery procedures.
  • Close attention should be paid to the occurrence of bronchitis in infants or preschool child: rapid development of inflammatory processes occurs during the first hours, so Pediatrics provides for the continuation of therapeutic interventions to three weeks.

On how quickly the doctor will identify the cause of obstruction in the course of bronchitis, depends on the date and peculiarities of treatment. To identify the source of the disease needed differential diagnosis: recognized symptoms of bronchitis. At elevated temperatures, a weakened body of the patient sent to the clinic where he will be under constant supervision of medical staff.


How to cure severe form of the syndrome of bronchial obstruction? Not to self-medicate especially for children. If the adult is adapted immunity to fight the infection, the baby requires immediate medical assistance. The treatment is medications that have expectorant properties («Ambrobene»).

In acute bronchitis with a characteristic obstruction to first eliminate the cause that caused the disease. This is the main stage of therapy, so he pays the maximum attention. If there is microbial infection, then prescribe a course of antibiotics («Erythromycin», «Spiramycin», «Amoxiclav»). In severe respiratory failure, it is recommended the use of corticosteroids («Symbicort», «Advair»).


When the bronchitis became chronic, it means that the condition is aggravated on the background of the appearance of the stimulus. Treatment indicated by the physician after several tests (to exclude concomitant diseases):

  • to restore airway patency are appointed by bronchodilators («Berodual», «Salbutamol»);
  • funds are used to thin the mucus and sputum in the bronchi («Lasolvan», «Bromhexine», herbal, homeopathy);
  • if there is pus, then apply antibiotic;
  • immunity courses of vitamin therapy.


To avoid the recurrence of obstructive bronchitis, it is necessary to eliminate all irritants such as Smoking, alcohol abuse, allergens. Timely diagnosis and cure of diseases of the nasopharynx will save you from problems later. Prevention the chronic form of bronchial obstruction conducted in the health institutions. To get rid of obstructive acute or chronic bronchitis, doctors recommend to do breathing exercises.

Video: treatment of obstructive bronchitis in children from Dr. Komarovsky

All the inflammatory processes in obstructive (usually acute) bronchitis in a child’s body occur rapidly: in the morning, marked lethargy, then a couple hours will start to increase the temperature, so it is necessary without delay to appoint therapy. If timely medical aid is excluded, the transition of acute form of the disease in chronic. How to quickly and easily get rid of bronchitis with obstruction tell the pediatrician Komarovsky.

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