Qigong for weight loss: breathing exercises for beginners

Want to find slim perfect figure, but the doctors strongly forbid to go on a diet? Not able to do at the gym? To conquer this issue will help qigong exercises for weight loss. The ancient Chinese art of self-regulation will open the way to inner harmony and overall improvement. Through this technique, you will be able to lose a few pounds, giving their own health no more than 45 minutes a day. Many women have experienced this in myself and have achieved impressive results! If you are interested in the prospect of harmless slimming, please read on!

What is Qigong

The art of self-control originated in ancient China during the first Millennium of our era. Qigong is considered a part of alternative medicine, but its effectiveness does not suffer. The term «Qigong» means «working with Qi». Chinese sages say that by learning how to handle it, people can avoid numerous diseases and internal disorders. Wide circles of modern inhabitants drew attention to this ancient art because of its effectiveness for weight loss. The use of exercise equipment qigong expressed as follows:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • posture correction;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • maintaining the body in good shape;
  • full saturation of the body with oxygen;
  • cleansing the body from toxic substances;
  • strengthening the immune system.

An impressive list of virtues of the Chinese art of qigong has drawn millions of our compatriots who dream about losing weight. Anyway, to do the work, not worth it until then, until you have clarified all the questions related to possible contraindications. In normal circumstances, qigong exercises do not harm human health, but sometimes, due to various diseases, the practice of this technique is strictly prohibited. From tempting Chinese art is to refuse people with problems such as:

  • serious violations of the musculoskeletal device;
  • blood diseases;
  • disorders of the heart;
  • infectious diseases;
  • mental disorders.

How to make Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss

If your main goal is weight loss, the full technique of qigong is not required. All you need is some special breathing and movement exercises. Nothing complicated they do not, however, to ensure tangible effect will have to follow a special schedule. Chinese set of exercises will help to normalize the flow of vital processes in the body, and this is the best impact on your figure.

Breathing for weight loss

The meaning of the Chinese breathing exercise qigong is the following: people holds a special position and starts deeply, but breathing steadily, following special instructions. The total duration of a single workout is 20-25 minutes. So, if you are interested, write down for yourself the basic breathing exercises sanifa for weight loss:

  1. Wave. And a simple, yet highly effective qigong breathing exercise for weight loss. Lie on your back, put the feet straight, bend your knees at a 90° angle. The right palm should be put on the chest and left abdomen. On the inhale straighten your chest and pull your stomach. On the exhale – on the contrary. In the course of the exercise oscillations of the chest and abdomen will resemble a wave. It is important to ensure that respiratory rate was normal. On each training run 40-45 full breaths. Total duration of this breathing exercise will be 2-3 minutes.
  2. Frog. For this exercise you need a chair height of 35-40 cm Sit on it so that between the thigh and the lower leg formed an angle of 90°. Knees spread to shoulder width. One brush squeeze in your fist with another hand grasp his. Put elbows on knees, forehead in his hands abut. Relax your body and take 2-3 minutes to fully calm down. The preparation for the main phase of exercise «Frog» is over. Take a deep breath through the nose, slowly passing the air to the abdomen, and exhale gradually through the mouth. After each inhalation and exhalation freezes for a couple seconds. Total duration for this breathing exercise is 8-10 minutes.
  3. Lotus. Sit on the floor, tucked his feet under him. Place your hands flat in front of him, palms up. Try to organize your thoughts and start the exercise. During the first three minutes breathe deeply, but evenly, making sure that the chest is not much raised. The next three minutes – on each exhale, completely relax the body. The breathing should be smooth and silent. The last three minutes of exercise don’t control the breath, but to mentally pay attention to the rhythm. Most importantly in the third stage of this exercise is to relax and just breathe.


To breathing exercises for weight loss has provided the desired result, start to do physical exercises. Chinese technique of qigong is remarkable that not imply severe stress, therefore it can be recommended even to people with serious diseases. Below you will find descriptions of several simple exercises of qigong that will help to lose weight quickly:

  1. Dragon dances. Stand up straight and look ahead. The feet should be brought together. On the inhale, squat down and abut the palm of the knees. Exhaling, straighten legs. Repeat the exercise 12 to 14 times, trying each time to squat a little deeper.
  2. Crane, emerging from the water. Highly effective qigong exercise to improve blood circulation. Standing straight, spread your feet the width of 35-40 cm Look in front of him. On the inhale lift up your right foot and push the hands and the body. On the exhale take the starting position. Slowly do 5-7 repetitions for both legs, and then move on to the next exercise.
  3. The dragon waves his wings. From the previous exercise, the starting position does not change. Inspiratory output the shoulders forward as much as possible. Keeping the voltage, sweep them up. Exhale, slowly pull the shoulders back and then lower down. Next time perform the exercise in the opposite direction. Repeat 8-9 cycles.

Video tutorials gymnastics Qigong

After reviewing the below videos, you will see visual examples of the performance of Chinese exercise qigong for weight loss. These videos provide detailed explanations of the rules of breathing and especially of gymnastic movements. Listen to these guidelines to learn how to control your breathing and be able to reset due to this, a few extra pounds.

For beginners

15 minute complex

Slimming belly


Michael, 34 years

Spent several months without work. Not engaged in sports, so I gained some weight. And Yes the spine is affected, because the day was sitting at the computer. Decided to take the loss. Heavy exercise is contraindicated for me, so I chose another way – Chinese qigong exercises. Bought an inexpensive tutorial for a few days has mastered the basics and now regularly do. Chinese gymnastics helped to lose 5.2 kg in 1.5 months.

Inna, 27 years

Two years ago a friend told me that helped her to lose weight Chinese health qigong. I had problems with my weight, so I was not interested. Last month, the scales showed 72 kg! Remembered the words of a friend, turned to her for help. I am now undergoing light treatment «Qigong for beginners», every day morning exercises. Light exercise has helped to lose 4.7 kg without the slightest hint of discomfort.

Anastasia, 29 years old

Would never have thought that Chinese medicine for weight loss can be so effective. Always turned a blind eye to such techniques, but when weight problems are out of control, enrolled in the school of Qigong. A few lessons I learned the basics of this technique and realized how it is effective for weight loss. Health has improved considerably. About weight loss I generally keep quiet! Chinese respiratory therapy has helped to lose 7 kg!

Vera, 36 years old

Noticed that the Internet is becoming more popular Chinese discipline of qigong, which provides natural healing and recovery of the body without medical treatment. Have read many articles, watched several hundred photos and videos on this topic. Decided to experience. The result exceeded all expectations. 5 weeks Chinese technique of qigong to help them cope with disorders in the joints and to lose 5.4 kg!

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