Effective diet 7 day menu to lose weight on 10 kg & reviews

From a variety of weight loss methods women prefer to stick to diets. Coming up with their own rules, they surely give up sweets, flour and other products. However, already long ago invented effective diet for 7 days, enabling you to lose up to ten pounds. It is important not only to refuse some products, but also to set the power. This is necessary so that the body metabolism is stabilized and able to receive the nutrients and effectively remove waste.

How many kg you can lose weight in a week

It is impossible to say how many kg it is possible to get rid of, adhering to any diet. While avoiding certain foods, you must continue to eat and not feel hunger. Reset per week 4-5 kg under the force of each. If within 7 days you have lost more than 10 kg, it is likely that your body is experiencing severe stress. Stop and rethink your diet.

How to lose weight in a week to 10 kg

If you are truly determined to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, then this should be done only under the supervision of a dietitian. Only he will choose the right mode, will develop a diet, will establish the power. Fast weight loss is not too good impact on your female form: with strong weight loss drops the chest, the face looks tired.

Effective diet plan for 7 days

Below you can find and choose more suitable for you effective diet for 7 days. Lovers of variety in food you should avoid mono-diet. Choose the option that best meets your taste needs, rhythm and specific lifestyle. So, you’ll achieve the best results without harming yourself or your body.


One of the most popular diets among women that will help you to lose up to 10 pounds in a week. You do not need to invent special recipes, buy special products. Just follow certain rules and prepare yourself for the fact that some days of the week you will have to do without food:

  • 1 – drinking. This day needs to consume only purified non-carbonated water.
  • 2 – vegetable. Eat as many vegetables as you want.
  • 3 – drinking. Repeat day 1.
  • 4 – fruity. Like vegetables day, you can eat as much fresh fruit as you want.
  • 5 – protein. Gradually preparing for the end mode and start eat protein: eggs, chicken breast, boiled fish. On this day, it is important not to overeat, and eat small portions.
  • 6 – drinking. Once again clean your body of mineral water.
  • 7 – balanced. On the last day of the regime boil a couple of eggs, cooking vegetables or fruit salads. For dinner you can treat yourself to boiled chicken breast.


Some say it’s the most strict diet. Because all week you can consume only liquid food or in liquid form. Here you will come to the aid of broths, soups, juices and nectars. If you are not a fan of diversity, you can take as a basis one dish. However, it would be better if every day you diversify your diet. Looks like the menu of this diet:

  • 1 – low-fat dairy products.
  • 2 – soup, broth.
  • 3 – fresh juices.
  • 4 – tea, preferably with milk. Choose a good tea, not bags.
  • 5 – jelly, compote of fresh berries.
  • 6 – vegetable cream soup.
  • 7 – oatmeal.

While drinking diet is important to drink purified non-carbonated water. In the early days the stool may be liquid, this is normal. To go from strict diet to properly. Don’t fill up on the first day of meat and fatty foods. Gradually return to your usual diet, but do not forget to consume water up to 2 liters per day. Drinking diet promises to save you up to 10 kg.


Those who rapidly want to lose a few kg, probably, have heard about buckwheat diet. It is suitable for those who love the buckwheat in any form, including unsalted. Only such and have to eat within 7 days. So, the diet the whole week will consist of buckwheat, steamed in water or yogurt. The evening prepare meal for the whole day: pour in the required amount of buckwheat in boiled water (or yogurt at room temperature) and leave to swell until the morning. You can’t be salted, slastice, add other spices.

During this diet we should not forget about the consumption of drinking water. This will help the waste and harmful substances is better to exit the body. Consumption of yogurt, limit of 1 litre per day. Out of buckwheat, but do with lung power, not abusing sweet or fatty. This is a super diet for a week to help you lose 5 to 10kg.


The main dish for the week will be the rice. It can be boiled in the usual way or use a double boiler (a pressure cooker). To flavor the rice can add few drops of vinegar, herbs, a little spice. Pickle dish is not recommended, because the salt interferes with good fluid. During such a strict regime, be sure to drink plenty of water. Rules:

  1. To diversify the daily menu of this diet can be cooked with vegetables.
  2. In order not to feel hunger, to eat on the schedule to 6 times a day.
  3. If you want to eat something sweet come to the aid of the honey. It can be added in tea.
  4. With this rice diet can lose from 3 to 9 kg.


A great recipe of weight loss for the week is «Daisy», which implies a kind of game. All week you can on a particular day:

  • Monday – fish.
  • Tuesday – vegetable.
  • Wednesday – protein.
  • Thursday – fruit.
  • Friday – cereal.
  • Saturday – cheese.
  • Sunday – water.


  1. All meals should be prepared exclusively in a healthy way. No vegetable oil, strong rare.
  2. Meat, fish, vegetables should be cooked, in a pinch, bake.
  3. Fruits and vegetables are best to consume seasonal.
  4. It is important not to overeat, and be limited to small portions. When you do this, you need to eat on the mode to 6 times a day.


At the time of kefir diet it is necessary to have patience and every day to buy fresh dairy product low fat. Looks like the menu for the week by day:

  • 0.5 yogurt, boiled potatoes (400 g).
  • 0.5 yogurt, fresh vegetables.
  • 0.5 yogurt, lean meat (300 g).
  • 0.5 yogurt, seasonal fruit.
  • 0.5 yogurt, fresh vegetables.
  • drink only water.
  • 0.5 yogurt, seasonal fruit.

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Catherine, 34 years

For me the most effective diet for the week is buckwheat. I quickly coped with hunger. In addition, I love buckwheat in any form. In the last days of the diet was to add a bit of prunes and dried apricots. During the week I took off 7 kg and it’s a great result! Once a month is required to sit on a buckwheat regime.

Vladimir, 45 years old

I like variety and therefore can not determine the diet. Constantly looking for new minus 5-6 kg. I especially helped «Daisy», and drinking kefir. The latter is particularly helpful for those who want to rapidly lose excess weight, and do not spend a lot of time choosing the hard way.

Elena, 24 years old

Cleansing diet for weight loss in 7 days the most valuable for me, because I love rice. Each day up with different ways to make the same dish taste different. Water to drink clean yourself. The result: within 7 days minus 6 pounds, and I hope to be able to throw even more. Diet for prevention every 2 months.

Marina, 23 years old

I have always been overweight, so had to constantly sit on any diets. Most of all I like «Favorite», because it consists of different products, and drinking days. A lot like her diet is «Daisy». With the help of this diet I can lose up to 5 pounds per week without much stress.

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