How to sculpt from clay smesharikov with their hands: step by step instructions

The beautiful stucco figures – it is a very interesting kind of needlework. It develops in children fine motor skills, the ability to dream and show their creativity. If you combine the class with the heroes of your favourite cartoon, then you can come up with your story! Bright, unusual cartoon characters «Smeshariki» will adorn any shelf. Figures diversify with jokes and stories a lot of games. How to sculpt from clay smesharikov? Use step by step instructions the simple process of modeling small toys.

How to sculpt from clay small figures

Before you begin the process of modeling, it is necessary to prepare the workplace for the child to be comfortable. Note:

  1. Venue for classes – table, pre-covered with oilcloth or paper, in order not to stain.
  2. Material. Be sure to choose the clay is very bright and colourful, preferably in sets. Equips children with a taste for the beautiful from an early age.
  3. Weight should be soft, but if the material is very hard, it is heated in a container of warm water for a couple of minutes.
  4. For finishing details come in handy plastic knife or toothpick.
  5. To make from plasticine with your hands kids-Smeshariki, need a picture drawn characters to repeat all original parts.

Smeshariki sculpt from clay

All the cartoon characters and very bright thanks to its original details. Each gure is different nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, ears. If you are wondering how to sculpt from clay right smesharikov, then consider the accessories of each character. You can further sculpt each figure in feet by the flower. The following describes the step-by-step diagrams, how to sculpt from clay Smeshariki for his new tale.


Thoughtful and cute Barash done as follows:

  1. The basis of the figurines – pink ball (can be a light purple, if not Fuschia).
  2. The same colour as the base, make a lot of small beads that attach to the base.
  3. Other elements: ears, feet are pink.
  4. Make eyes round white with black dots-the pupils.
  5. Horns, hooves, eyebrows and nose at Barash – brown, so sculpt the details of a dark brown color.
  6. Make a red mouth, two thin rolled strips.


How to sculpt from clay romantic smesharikov? This nomination is a beauty Nyusha, here is a step-by-step process of modeling:

  1. The basis make the ball pink.
  2. Make white eyes with black pupils.
  3. Eyelids and eyelashes are doing figures with the red mass of the material.
  4. Round nose, sculpt in red, affixed on the head.
  5. Two red plates sculpt, mounted on the back of the head. This will be the basis of hairstyles Smeshariki. Braids for four small red ball sculpt each other, terminated by a tail.
  6. The tail is attached above white flower.
  7. Hooves Nyushi red, and the legs are pink.


The curious character of the cartoon is simple:

  1. Take yellow mass, sculpt the body-ball crafts.
  2. Eyes, like the rest of the heroes are white with black dots, and eyelids yellow.
  3. Huge nose is a triangle is done using a brown material and is mounted with a sharp corner between the eyes.
  4. Limbs of Loasa yellow, with two slotted «fingers».
  5. Horns and eyebrows roll out brown color.


Step by step instructions sculpting wise Sovani:

  1. The bird is sculpted with the help of purple clay. The color of this piece roll into a ball-based.
  2. Do purple lugs-triangles, mounted on the body of the figures.
  3. White eyes with dark pupils fastened on the head, and above them make thin eyelids.
  4. To make the beak take the red material, roll a small cone. Then make an incision with a toothpick, fastened to the head. Legs Smeshariki dark color – thin «sausages», and the wings purple, as the basis.


Funny penguin molded in a black material. Step-by-step process:

  1. Rolled ball black – this is the basis of penguin.
  2. Eye pins are the same as all the Smeshariki – white, with black volcanic particles of the pupils.
  3. Bird’s beak wide, for him roll a cone of red color, it should slightly flatten it and cut the narrow part. Fasten under the eyes.
  4. The accessory pin – nice hat. Her sculpt using a brown material, add Aviator glasses (made by the blue and black material). They need to attach to the hat.
  5. White belly cut out of thin rolled on layer of white.
  6. Pin the wings black and legs are red, so we select the appropriate material.

How to make a cartoon out of clay

All your favorite Smeshariki from clay already prepared, what else can we do, besides how easy they are to play? You’ll have to remove the real own cartoon. This will require action figures, long toothpicks, a phone or a camera and a beautiful background. Make a beautiful background it is not difficult, you need to take a broad cardboard, bend it in half and decorate one half. For example, you can attach the flowers, trees, sunshine – everything you want.

The second half is the base, which is attached to a flat surface. In the background are doing fine holes that held the toothpick pierces their wooden sticks and a little strung on them figures of Smeshariki. The process begins shooting: one person shoots, and the second moving figures and tells a story. Wonderful creative pastime, the development of the child with the use of modern technology.

Video tutorials on modeling smesharikov

Develop your children with the help of a beautiful form of art – sculpting. Combining business with pleasure, kids develop fine motor skills of hands, imagination, care, diligence – the list of positive qualities is long. Bright cartoon characters «Smeshariki» will help your kids enjoy the story. Watch the videos below to learn how really funny kids.

Sculpt Twins

Make A Hedgehog

The kopatychem from clay

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