How to make a ball of yarn and glue with their hands: step by step instructions

To create with their hands something original, for example, a lampshade for a lamp or decoration for holiday, no need to stock up on expensive materials. This can be a usual thread and glue that will be in any house. Knowing how to make a ball of yarn and glue, you can build a very different and original elements of decor that will decorate not only the interior but also for any celebration. You don’t yet know about this technique – check the instructions below and feel free to start creating.

Arts and crafts from yarn and glue

Such good crafts to do with children, because their manufacture is not difficult. The finished product can act as a standalone decoration or include in the composition of more complex compositions, for example, a snowman or a cock. In addition, it is not necessary to make the product spherical shape using thread and glue easy to build even a heart on Valentine’s Day. The decor can look even in the form of feathers, Christmas trees or snowflakes. First you need to stock up on materials:

  1. Thread. An important condition for the selection of this material – it should be a little fluffy texture to the glue easily impregnated her.
  2. The usual balloon sold in stationery stores. For larger craft it is recommended to inflate it to no more than 15 cm, and for Christmas decorations is better to use a fingertip, bought at the pharmacy, with a diameter of 6-8 cm
  3. Glue. The main factor influencing the outcome. Well established for such articles of PVA. Still use paper glue or a mixture based on PVA, water and corn starch in a ratio of 1.5:0,25:0,5 – most importantly, that a mixture with the consistency of sour cream.

In addition to the 3 basic elements for DIY you will need:

  • scissors;
  • fat cream or vaseline;
  • bowl;
  • the needle is «Gypsy».

Christmas balls with threads

Do not rush to buy Christmas decorations in the shop – try to build them yourself. It will be more original decoration of the Christmas tree, which will only emphasize family holiday atmosphere, especially if you do it together. In addition to the basic elements of all sorts stock up on beads, beads, feathers or ribbons for decoration of the finished articles. Next proceed to the execution of instructions, as do balls of yarn and glue:

  1. Inflate ball to the desired size, tie the end. Grease with a fat cream or vaseline.
  2. Next, either soak in the adhesive composition, the thread or needle and pierce a container of glue in the bottom and slip it through the hole.
  3. Pull it and gradually wrap an inflated balloon.
  4. The end of the thread attach a already stretched.
  5. Leave to dry for at least 1 day.
  6. Then gently deflate the balls.
  7. The resulting toys decorate with beads, beads, a twig or fir bows. To give effect running snow soak the product in glue, and then poweleit in semolina or powdered sugar.

Surprise ball with their hands

If you rewind the thread a little more, then the product is almost transparent, so inside you can put candy or other small gift. Materials you will need the same only for larger submerged items will need «surpriseparty» – tube average diameter of thick cardboard. If you managed to find this, then proceed to making the DIY:

  1. Prepare the adhesive composition, pull the thread through it.
  2. On one end of the tube pull the bulb, inflate it.
  3. Download carefully planned surprise. Remove the tube from the base of the balloon and tie it.
  4. Wrap glue-soaked thread at his discretion – whether a gift or transparent you want to hide a surprise.
  5. Hang the piece and leave to dry.
  6. Deflate the ball.
  7. The surprise is ready is decorate it any accessories depending on the occasion.

Balls of yarn for the wedding

The wedding is also a holiday, the decoration of which may be such a model of the product. Instructions on making wedding decorations:

  1. Inflate all the balloons.
  2. Hang on any bar.
  3. Brush all over with vaseline.
  4. Take a clean PVA or mixed, as noted above, with starch and water.
  5. Pierce the bottom of a tube of glue with a needle or soak the yarn in the bowl with the glue.
  6. Wrap each ball so that the threads overlap.
  7. Leave the product to dry.
  8. After drying deflate your balloons, decorate ornaments with flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, beads or lights.

Ball inside a ball

If your house was not thread, but the balls you bought a lot, then do another original gift or holiday decoration. Only one ball should be bigger. You will also need a small pump. Next we will see how to make the ball in the ball:

  1. A small insert in the large.
  2. Insert the pump into the smaller ball and inflate it, just not much.
  3. Pull the tail of an inflated balloon, tie a knot and release inside.
  4. Podnadoeli big ball. Insert the next bead, repeat to him all the same as the first.
  5. Repeat until run out of space.

Video: chandelier-ball of thread with his hands

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