How to set a child to sleep

Sometimes parents are very difficult to put the baby to sleep, have to go through the tantrums, tears and entreaties. To set up toddler to sleep, there are quiet games that will relax and calm his nervous system.

Как настроить ребенка на сон

Games can also be used in the crib, in her baby relax and fall asleep easily afterwards.

1. «The three of silence». The meaning of the game is to listen to the silence. Tell your child that in your house live three sisters-silence, and if I lay in absolute silence, you can hear them. For a start, sister who lives in the room, it helps us to hear sounds such as the ticking of the clock. Then the second, who lives in the house, it gives us to hear the neighbors stomp or ride the Elevator. Finally, the third sister, who tells, what’s the word on the street. In a whisper tell each other what one hears.

2. «The story of The game». The baby feels safe falling asleep with a favorite toy. Do one of them, which chooses the child is the main hero of the tale, and begin the story.

3. «Magic carpet». You need to select the Mat or be placed on the existing, and tell the child that this magic Mat and there you go an amazing journey. The child should sit with your eyes closed and you begin the narrative: «Now we’ll fly…», the kid must think of where. Then you alternately add to your story, giving full rein to fantasy. In the end, you can «ground» the carpet in the crib. Apart from the fact that the game will calm the child, she perfectly develops creative thinking.

4. «A magic bag». Take a bag and fill it with different toys, let your child lower back the knob and, feeling toys, calls got the subject.

5. «Risovalka». Draw with your finger on the back of a little different shapes, letters, numbers, the child has to guess what you drew.

6. «Who’s here?» Think of an animal, and «stomp» your fingers across the baby’s back so that he guessed what animal came to him.

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