Simple secrets how to save a relationship

Many marriages end sadly, that is divorce. Why is this happening? Please refer to the exact science of statistical research.


Ten years – it is very difficult. The first ten years traditionally and statistically are the most dangerous for the marriage.

If people managed to live together for 35 years, the probability of divorce approaches zero. People get divorced for various reasons – the household, financial matters, sex life.

And if they fail to solve the problems in the first ten years of marriage, this is a breakup. Sometimes a marriage can save a conscious decision to live together for a few years – usually the situation is improving, and the couple receives congratulations at least on the silver wedding.

But there are spouses that conscious decision to anything – they are together because they are satisfied. Perhaps they have a secret — many will think. Yes, he is, but he’s not terrible.

Friendship around the head

Canadian researchers to obtain unbiased figures, found that the happiest marriages are based on friendship. Unexpected, but it helps spouses to retain warmth and mutual respect for decades. No matter what was the root cause of marriage – love or calculation, if the relationship develop into a real friendship, partners are more likely to keep them for decades.

What is friendship in your marriage? This mutual support and sincerity, sharing worries and joys, fears and successes. The second important factor is awareness of the need for relationships, because people who have steam, obviously much happier than singles, what would they say.

If you understand that marriage is an important part of life, and the desire to preserve it will become stronger. Interestingly, the happiness of partners depended on the degree of formality of marriage – people can simply cohabit with each other or have a document with a seal and a common last name, it doesn’t matter.

Sleep together. It is very important that the couple shared the same bed. And equally important, they fell asleep together. Sometimes the owls and typical early riser it is hard to adjust to each other, but this does not mean that you should not try. Willingness to adapt to their mate even in such things speaks volumes.

It is also important to sleep as close as possible to each other. In fact, the physical distance between the partners speaks to the degree of their heartwarming – they are proportional. If you sleep curled up, or at least touching each other during sleep is the ideal option that promises a long and happy marriage friendly.

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