Once again, loyalty, infidelity and open marriage

In modern society, it is assumed that cheating is a bad thing, but loyalty to something positive. From the point of view of psychology such strict separation is a form of psychological protection. In this case, personal claims are justified by traditional values. That is quite a handy man so unshakable confidence in their obligations to be faithful and not to put her empty doubts.

Еще раз о верности, измене и свободных отношениях

We can say more simply, cheating is considered bad because it causes mental distress to the other partner. However this logic is not completely correct, because the same pain and cause many other life events, without which it is impossible to imagine the life, and that doesn’t make them bad. Is suffering from infidelity only one person, the second partner receives only pleasure from such forbidden actions.

However, it is good unwavering loyalty and devotion to your partner? There are many situations when it leads to disastrous results. If a person has no autonomy in financial and psychological terms, to support his weak personality requires complete fidelity to the partner. Cheating under these circumstances can be the impetus to leave the comfort zone.

In order not to burden yourself with unnecessary obligations, many are practicing an open relationship. This allows not only to avoid unnecessary duties, responsibilities and rights, but also to free themselves from the partner in principle. So weak and unstable connection does not allow you to feel the need of support and the feeling of loneliness becomes a constant companion.

Paired with open relationship partners are represented in the form distantsirovaniya lovers. They practice sex without much spiritual intimacy. And this approach to relationships is quite normal. People who choose these relationships, attributed to a certain maturity and independence. Because under such conditions is completely free from jealousy and attachment.

However, in such an adult relationship can be because of the impossibility of choice. Partner doesn’t want to take on extra duties and the person would have no other way to stay close to his love. An open relationship is not considered something bad, but the lack of emotional awareness may confuse many. In the minds of many people an open relationship devalues love and offer her a decent replacement. In the end, after tasting these relationships, many in the soul remains a dark void in the place where previously was the desire of happiness and understanding with your partner.

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