The solution to the problem of trudnovospituemyh in family education

Trudnovospituemyh is a deviation in the behavior and the psyche of the child that requires attention from parents and teachers. Let us consider this problem in more detail, allowing a few questions.

Решение проблемы трудновоспитуемости в семейном воспитании

Question first. How can I determine trudnovospituemyh?
As you know, development of the child as a person under the influence of adult education which aims to welcome the surrounding society values norms in children.
If a child does not assimilate these norms and rules of proper conduct, has not met the requirements of other people, it is considered as an trudnovospituemyh child.
The second question. What causes this problem?
There are many reasons. We list only some of them. Mistakes in family education, defects of the nervous system, character traits, difficult social adaptation, the negative influence of the environment and many other what the child faces.
The third question. Help family education in overcoming problem?
There are several components of family education, which can help in solving the problem of trudnovospituemyh. List them.

Physical — it includes healthy lifestyle: it is important in the family do not drink, do not smoke, respect the sport, a healthy diet;

Moral — parents should remember that every man forms his identity, but that mom and dad are an example to your child. Therefore, it is important to love and respect their children, to be kind and decent, honest and fair.

Intelligent — you need to constantly look for children something new, and game forms;

Aesthetic is important to be able to develop talents in children in different directions.
Parents should remember that the problem of trudnovospituemyh is the problem of lack of proper attention of parents to the child.

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