How does the light on the training results

People know a lot about light: the blue light from phones interferes with the sleep; solar light uplifting; the best lights can increase productivity. But recently the Studio has made quite a bold statement: the correct light, whether it is natural or artificial, can even increase the effect of training.

Как влияет свет на результаты тренировок

Well, ask the experts, however, and they will tell you: the scientific data are not conclusive. How better to do that in the light or in the dark? «We don’t have the answer,» says Walter R. Thompson, Professor of Georgia state University, USA.

What we do know is that: «the Light is very, very powerful signal to the brain,» says Phyllis Zee, MD. The answer should be something like this: «We live in a cycle of light / darkness affects the circadian rhythm, which regulates our performance.»

Most of the facts about fitness limited to personal observations – for some it is better to do at 5:00am in total darkness, says Thompson. Others swear that they are only at lunch and do not represent classes in the dark at all.

But also you should know that when you are most concentrated, the force of your muscles at the highest level, and it can help to reach maximum performance, says Zee. In larks it is in the latter half of the day, when there are a large number of bright and natural light. But are they increasing muscle strength on the light intensity? Not necessarily, says Zee, but definitely a bright light at any time of the day can make you more focused, more energetic and motivated. All this can improve the performance: either motor or mental.

Optimize light in your life with these priceless tips modern science:

You will be faster in bright light

If you have a large number of bright light you probably will run faster, says Zee. Most natural blue light falls at noon. But besides the physical effect, the light also has the effect of mood, which, as noted by the Professor, can either soothe or energize.

You will remain drowsy in the light of muted shades

Dim lights in a long, red / orange range, does not provide a high level of vigilance. In the afternoon, when the twilight, you see more light in the orange / red range. This kind of lighting is perfect for meditation or soothing yoga, but is not intended for arousal. Red light has the least effect on your biological clock and almost not suppresses the sleep hormone, melatonin.

Working at the window, you improve your sleep

After a study, it was discovered that people working in offices with lots of Windows, generally have better sleep and overall health. It was also found that these people were more physically active, says Dr. Zee.

Morning light improves your metabolism

Another research of Professor Zee has revealed that people who got more morning light had lower indices of body than those received later in the afternoon sunlight. Blue light activates the metabolism, says Professor Zee. And in the morning it can even suppress appetite.

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