Mask for softening of hard hair

Our hair requires continuous care and attention. Owners of coarse hair are having a tough time. Such hair did not obey, they are very difficult to stack. Many different masks are sold in the store to soften the hair. But the majority, if you read the composition, include chemical compounds that will negatively affect the health of the hair.

Маски для придания мягкости жестким волосам.

You can prepare masks that will be effective and useful. They will help to make your hair manageable, shiny and soft.

Well-known miraculous properties of olive oil. It turns out that if you mix it with natural honey in the same quantities, it is possible to cope with the problem of hard hair. You need to distribute to every inch of hair and be sure to carefully spread the roots. So the effect was stronger, you need to wear a special hat or pack for greater warmth and tie your head with a warm scarf or a thick towel. You have to flush it in warm water and use a little shampoo. The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Many herbs are used for hair treatment. To give the perfect softness of chamomile, Linden and nettle. In dried form they brew with boiling water. After cooling, they added a variety of vitamins in the form of oil solutions and the egg. The mask is applied to the head and lasts about an hour. After the head should be washed with warm water and detergent.

You can make a very simple mask. Just buy jojoba oil, almond or olive oil and apply it overnight on your hair. For best effect, the oil is heated slightly. In the morning rinse with shampoo and you will be able during the day to enjoy their softness and gentleness.

To prepare the mask, you can buy blue clay, which is extremely useful. It will not only make your hair softer, but will make you healthier and will strengthen your hair. In any pharmacy you can buy it. The procedure takes 5 minutes. The clay is diluted with water and distributed throughout the hair. Then, thoroughly rinse his head.

Using these masks, you can be absolutely quiet, no harm to hair will not suffer. And the positive effect will be replaced after the first mask.

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