Skin health: the types of peels

Each woman wants to look beautiful and tries to spend enough time on it. Attractiveness largely depends on the health of the skin, and if it is healthy, the person looks much fresher and prettier.

Виды пилинга

Peeling can make your skin soft and bright. When carrying out this procedure removes upper dead skin cells of the epidermis. The main objective of this procedure is to stimulate cell renewal. In the skin it starts the update process, when to remove the top layer of cells. In order to get rid of dead skin flakes use special scrubs or creams. Depending on the use of types of peeling, apply a certain type of removing the top layer of cells. With mechanical exfoliation dead skin cells are erased automatically. Chemical method involves dissolving dead skin flakes, and physical softens the skin before removal.

Peeling and classified according to their intensity of influence. Superficial peelsare the ideal solution to such problems as oily skin, acne, enlarged pores. This will not give long-term result of age changes. But to moisturize and cleanse the skinsurface peeling is the ideal option. It includes fruit, ultrasonic, physical peeling.

Median peeling is used to eliminate age-related changes. Get stretch marks and wrinkles. Also, this type is applied before plastic surgery.

Or deep chemical peel is the most effective against wrinkles, age spots. This kind of cosmetic procedure is performed under anesthesia and after the application of this type of peeling can be quite severe.

Peeling are fairly safe, but under the condition that took into account every peculiarity of human skin and used quality products. The cosmetologist is responsible for performing their work and it must comply with the rules and regulations, to be attentive. The best option would be to go to proven professionals.

Doctors believe that the skin additional cleansing at all to anything. This is due to the fact that the skin perfectly gets rid of dead skin particles, having a system of self-purification and self-renewal. To help the skin to remove dead particles, enough to wash in the mornings. When a woman forcibly removes a layer of skin, it only hurts yourself.

Peeling should only be done when there are serious cosmetic flaws. In order to look fresh and appealing, just to monitor the condition of the skin, and reasonably to take care of her.

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