Eco-friendly hair

Many people in matters of beauty no longer trust large companies producing cosmetics. They are partly right, because the manufacture of any cosmetic using a huge amount of chemistry and it is often tested on animals, which is absolutely unacceptable in civilized countries. Also, many women complain of allergic reaction to shampoos or hair masks. Thus, people begin to seek alternatives among natural products.

Экологичные средства для мытья волос

It is known that the head can be washed with a simple egg. An egg broken into a bowl, mixed and applied to hair like regular shampoo. Eggs good lather, and nourish the scalp. If desired, you can add a tablespoon of brandy and a little honey, thereby obtaining a good nutritional composition. Only honey should be taken with liquid, otherwise much time will take dilution of honey in a water bath.

Another alternative might be black bread, soaked in water. Foaming it will not, but dirty hair washes well. The only problem is to wash the bread with the hair very hard.

For oily hair, use a good mustard powder, just diluted it in water at the rate of 1 tsp per 2 liters. Mustard eliminates Shine, and hair not get dirty quickly.

In many shops you can buy Ayurvedic herbal powder for washing hair. It is also diluted with water and applied on the hair. In its composition, or a soap nut or soap tree, which grows mainly in India and is composed of saponins, which are natural foaming agents. The advantage is that the saponin is completely biodegradable and absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic. With long-term use of dandruff disappears, the hair is shiny and healthy. Besides, with time, there is no need to wash my hair every day.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs is also good for shampooing. Okay to use chamomile, nettle, thyme, succession, oak bark.

Colorless henna is very good to help natural hair wash. You can add essential oils that are not only useful, but also can give the hair a pleasant natural aroma.

In addition to the black bread, you can wash your hair with rye flour, spreading it with water to the consistency of gruel.

All of the above tools are not exotic, many of the ingredients can be bought in regular stores. Of course, at first it will be difficult to switch to alternative shampoos, and they conduct themselves will be unusual compared to the usual shampoo, not giving a lot of foam, but the result is worth the effort.

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