How to improve convenience of a website without any professional assistance

As the Internet became very popular, this led to the development sites. The network includes a very large variety of different projects, and they all compete with each other. All webmasters are trying to somehow differentiate their sites among others. This also leads to the fact that are created of quality resources in which thought through all the points. And, of course, such projects are popular. If not to improve usability, people probably just don’t want to be on the website. He’ll find similar that will look more beautiful and functional which will be much more convenient. Therefore, it is very important to consider usability, in order not to lose traffic.

Как улучшить удобность сайта без помощи специалиста


Website structure is important in promotion, because the site more bulky than the wider and weirder the functionality of showing the users. And all this is reflected in the positions, because people are more likely to leave the resource, reducing behavioral factors. Therefore website development should start with the development of high quality and clear patterns.


Largely this point is linked with the preceding, because it is the structure and determines how you will navigate the user through the site. So we need to work in a complex, and at the same time working through the structure and navigation of the site. It should be clear that the visitor knew how to navigate and move through the pages of the site.


This paragraph is very relevant for complicated services, for example, for online stores. Many items will be unfamiliar to the audience, it’s also advisable to explain to people how to correctly fill out forms, how to perform certain actions, etc. Here always come to the aid of interactive or simple text prompts that are very easy interaction with the site.

Text content

Interesting texts are always relevant, but now it is not enough just to present information in the form of texts. Now it is important to arrange publication. The fact that the information environment is so rich that people just don’t have time to learn all that is offered and so they simply ignore most of the information. As readers will be familiarized with the publications today? First they flick through the page, and then decide whether to proceed to a more detailed examination of the information or continue searching. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the texts so that the reader a cursory view to understand what will be discussed in the article. To do this you should use headings and subheadings, bulleted lists, highlighting, and more. You should also make out the article in small paragraphs, easy to digest.

Graphic content

Today the Internet has become very affordable, so that many users can afford not only to read texts online, but even watching streaming video. And graphic information is becoming more and more preferred. Need it use and for promotion of sites, offering along with the textual information and graphics in the form of pictures and even videos.


People trust those sites that are open to the public. If you contact the owners of the site seriously, there is a high confidence the project will not be able to earn. Therefore, it is crucial to be open today, providing the opportunity to contact the authors of the project. Also work good, but when the sponsors take an active role in public discussions in the comments or on the forums.

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